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At Heritage College & Seminary, we help Christians major in the Word of God so they can help churches make a world of difference.

Heritage for Canada

A capital campaign—raising funds for a new seminary building and other projects.

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News & Events

Heritage at ETS 2022

Core and adjunct faculty members from Heritage College & Seminary will be presenting papers this week at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Join Us for Our Next Student Sampler

Experience student life at Heritage during our two-day Student Sampler—happening November 21-22.

Understanding the Value of the Pentateuch

Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Dr. Ian J. Vaillancourt provides readers with a deeper understanding of the first five books of the Bible in his latest book, ‘The Dawning of Redemption: The Story of the Pentateuch and the Hope of the Gospel.’

Understanding Jesus as the Davidic Shepherd

Professor of New Testament and Greek Dr. Wayne Baxter explores the use of the shepherd motif in the Gospel of Matthew in his latest book, “Divine Shepherd Christology in the Gospel of Matthew.”

Experience Heritage at a Student Sampler

If you are interested in coming to Heritage but want a taste of life on campus, join us for our first Student Sampler event happening November 7-8.

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