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Partnership Need

We live in a time of great need. A time that needs pastors and church leaders who can teach and lead theologically. Preparing individuals to lead with biblical insight, compassion, and skill calls for a partnership between churches and seminaries.

Churches excel in providing pastoral students with leadership opportunities, relational skills, and ministry experience. Churches (especially pastors and elders) are in the prime position to recognize those in their midst with pastoral gifting and a ministry calling.

Seminaries excel in providing pastoral students with biblical language skills, hermeneutical competency, theological depth and breadth, historical perspective and homiletical skills.

Become a partner

Benefits of becoming a partner church

To forge and sustain a meaningful partnership in training servant leaders for ministry, we choose to uphold the following commitments to our partner churches:

What is your commitment to Heritage?

Become a partner

For more information, or to ask a question, please contact Godfrey Thorogood, our Director of Ministry Partners, at gthorogood@heritagecs.edu.