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Student Leadership

Student Council: The Heritage Institutional Student Council is elected every year by all students enrolled in an academic program of the College and Seminary. The Council is made up of an executive team, committee chairs and class presidents. The Council’s constitution oversees the activities of each of these groups. Clubs and specialized sports teams are formed annually based on student interest. Also, committees are formed to seek input and involvement of new students each year. Students can get involved in a number of ways with the Student Council in the following areas: Athletics, Social Events, Missions and Outreach, the Arts, and other committees.

Residence Assistants: These student leaders are in place to provide a ministry of care for the college students at Heritage. The R.A.s will encourage and challenge students toward Christ-likeness. The R.A.s also serve as “Impact Group” leaders. Impact Group is a weekly small group time within the Residence buildings for on- and off-campus students. The R.A.s also have the responsibility of upholding and enforcing community guidelines and standards.  The R.A.s are hired by Student Services each year.