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Heritage Centre for Women in Ministry

Equipping Women for Ministry

Certificate and Degree Options:

Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry

Heritage offers five courses that are specifically focused on equipping women for greater ministry effectiveness. These courses can be taken for the Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry, or be transferred to the Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity programs.

You must take all 5 of the courses to qualify for the certificate. There is also the option to take the courses on a non-credit (audit) basis.

  1. Women Serving in Ministry and Leadership
  2. Developing Life Changing Bible Study Curriculum
  3. Great Women of the Christian Faith: A Survey of Church History
  4. Women Reaching the World: Local, National and Global Outreach
  5. Women Teaching God’s Word

Master of Theological Studies

A solid foundation is necessary for both life and ministry. Heritage’s Master of Theological Studies builds such a foundation through intensive biblical and theological study under the guidance of recognized and respected scholars who love God’s Word and serve God’s church. All courses in the Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry program can transfer towards our Master of Theological Studies degree.

Master of Divinity

Equipping is essential for faithful service in the church. The people of God need pastors who love, obey, and teach the Word of God. This conviction is at the heart of Heritage’s Master of Divinity program Many of the Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry courses transfer into our Master of Divinity program.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information regarding transferring your certificate courses into a degree program.

For more information about these programs please contact the Seminary Admissions Office. 

Encouraging Women in Ministry

For more information regarding these events or how you can connect with other women while studying at Heritage please contact the Director for the Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry.