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Bring a group of our Heritage students to your church’s senior youth group or young adults group for a fun, free event and to learn more the College and how God is working in the lives of students at Heritage. Or, bring your group to our campus for your event!

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If you have questions, contact Nate Ecker at necker@heritagecs.edu.

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Get active and have a blast with your group with Heritage Bubble Soccer. Heritage has bubbles that are ready for a fun and memorable event for your youth group or young adults. Play a game of soccer, get your young people to invite friends and enjoy a fun night. Plus, introduce students to Heritage College & Seminary with a short presentation and student testimonial.

Event Includes:

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We have all the equipment needed for a great NERF event, so those in your group can enjoy multiple rounds of high-energy NERF action. Then, hear a testimony from one of our students and learn more about Heritage during a special presentation on the College.

Event Includes:

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We want to be an encouragement and support to the senior youth or young adults at your church, which is why we are introducing Heritage Connect. This event provides the opportunity to simply bring a group of students from Heritage to your next event to connect with your students. Whatever event you are running, we are happy to be a part of it and help out wherever we can. There is also the opportunity to have one of our Heritage students share their testimony, as well as introduce your group to Heritage with a short presentation.

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