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What is Love Hespeler?

Within the City of Cambridge is a community known by many as the Village of Hespeler. To the students, staff, and faculty of Heritage College & Seminary, Hespeler is considered home.

As a result, in 2013, the community of Heritage desired to spread the hope and love of Christ by serving the community and sharing the Gospel with the people of Hespeler. Out of this desire, Heritage partnered with local churches Hespeler Baptist Church and Temple Baptist Church to start the Love Hespeler initiative.

Stories of God’s Love

Watch and hear from students at Heritage about how they came to know God’s love for them in these special videos.

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Where Is God in the Midst of a Pandemic? 

Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary, goes over this question in this special video.

Originally posted April 28, 2020

That’s a Good Question by Dr. Rick Reed


Does God really exist? How should we pray? Why is our world so lacking in love? How do we find spiritual peace? Dr. Rick Reed takes a look at some of these honest questions in his eBook, That’s a Good Question: Succinct Answers to Spiritual Questions.

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