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The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is an initiative at Heritage, the purpose of which is to equip students for the rigours of postsecondary education. The SLC offers a number of free services, many of which are listed below. College and Seminary students are encouraged to make use of these services. The SLC serves as an extension of the Library, and as a result can be found in the Academic Building. The SLC is headed by our Library and Learning Centre Director, Jordan Senécal.

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There are various options you can pursue:

Need extra assistance?

We can help connect you to a private tutor who will work with you one-on-one to achieve your academic goals. (Disclaimer: Private tutors are not included in the services covered by the SLC. Tutors come at an additional cost to the student.)

To get set up with a tutor, please contact Jordan Senécal.

Additional Resources:

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As the aim of the SLC is to facilitate student success, we welcome your input as to how best we can achieve that goal. For more information, or to make suggestions, please contact Jordan Senécal.


*We request that submissions be made no later than one week before they are due, in order to provide sufficient time for reviewing and returning the assignment to you. We encourage submissions to be made whenever the paper is ready to be reviewed, however, if it is due less than a week from when you submit it, we may not have sufficient time to get to it and therefore it will not be read/reviewed. We also reserve the right to limit our editing/proof-reading services of major papers to one per semester per student, though this limitation is often not necessary. Thank you for your understanding.