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How to Treasure the Psalms

In many ways, Dr. Ian J. Vaillancourt’s new book is a product of his many years of reading, writing, and teaching. Now, Heritage Theological Seminary’s Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew is thankful to be sharing these ideas in this new book focusing on how the structure and flow of the Psalms lead us to expect a messianic Saviour who will be a prophet, priest, and king.

“I hope it helps Christians to be led to Christ and gospel application from every psalm, even as they also learn to adopt the language of the psalmist in their own songs and prayers,” explains Vaillancourt.

Released by IVP Academic, Treasuring the Psalms seeks to provide a framework for readers of the Psalms—either in the classroom or in the local church—to help them gain a deeper appreciation of this collection of songs in their personal study.

One of the ways it does this is by helping guide readers through the Psalms in a way that allows them to gain practical, personal insights from the Psalms that will help guide disciples of Christ on how they are to live out their faith through all that comes in life. Vaillancourt hopes this will be a valuable resource that will help Christians better study the Psalms and experience the guidance and hope included in each song.

“I love the way the Psalms not only tell us what to believe—Luther referred to the book as ‘a little Bible’ because of its rich theology—but also helps us with the very words to sing or pray, whatever hard or happy life situation we are in,” he says.

Vaillancourt explains that he is also excited about writing a book like this that will help readers see how the Psalms point us to Christ and help us understand his mercy, character, and mission more. For himself and his own faith, many Psalms, like Psalm 22, have given Vaillancourt a peek into the interior life of Christ and his heart for him. Now, with this new resource, he hopes to show people how a deeper understanding of the Psalms helps believers gain a deeper understanding of Christ’s heart and work.

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