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‘Why I Support Heritage’ – Mike & Deanna Gauduar

While Deanna and I were attending London Baptist Bible College we both fell in love with the family atmosphere on campus – and eventually with each other as well. Small class sizes and the tightly knit college community made for a great learning environment. I had only intended to spend one year at LBBC but decided to stay for another three because it was such a good place to be. Although the academics were challenging and relevant, it was the genuine concern and attention from the professors that really impacted us. After we graduated and entered into full-time Christian service we really appreciated not being saddled with large student loans. The sacrifices of the faculty and staff, and the generosity of donors back then had a significant impact on our lives for our first years of marriage and ministry. The solid grounding in God’s Word I received at LBBC and Heritage Seminary served me well during my 10 years as a Christian school teacher and 15 years as a missionary in Kenya. Heritage then provided an excellent landing pad for our son as he re-entered Canadian culture. We were so thankful to have godly people we knew and trusted caring for him while we were half a world away. He had a great year. Having so many of the credits he earned at Heritage transfer to his program at the University of Waterloo was an added bonus. And now our daughter is at Heritage. Although she had only intended to do a one year diploma, we were thrilled to hear that she has decided to stay for a four year degree. As we look to the future, Deanna’s new role as Africa Inland Mission’s MK Care Coordinator will add a new dimension to our relationship with Heritage students. As we reflect back on 30 years of attending and supporting the school, Heritage is definitely the best investment we have ever made!

-Mike Gaudaur, BRE-CM/CS (LBBC), MTS (Heritage)

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