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Relocation Bursary

The Student Relocation Bursary is offered to new students from a distance to facilitate full-time attendance at Heritage College & Seminary.

Eligibility Requirements:
-New students (from Canada – outside of Postal codes beginning with K, L, M, N & PO through P5; an approximate radius of 7 hours driving distance).
-Continued full time enrolment in both semesters, commencing in September.
-Eligibility for position in residence and residence portion of bursary requires completed residence application process prior to May 31.

Funding Details:
-All bursary funding is applied against student invoices
-Round trip travel fare: cost of student’s travel (to maximum of $500) will be applied as credit against September invoice upon submission of receipts. Mileage allowance calculated at $.20/km (google maps)
-Tuition bursary of $500 will be applied as credit against January invoice (prorated at $100/course based upon winter course load)
-Residence bursary will be credited as $250 on Fall invoice, $250 on Winter invoice
-Annual bursary amounts awarded are repayable in the event of early student withdrawal from school
-A limited number of bursaries are available to be awarded each year, subject to the decision of the Scholarship Committee. Recipients will be notified no later than mid-August

-Round trip travel fare (up to $500)
-Tuition bursary (up to $500)
-Residence bursary ($500)

Relocation Bursary Application

You will receive two emails shortly after submitting this form. One is to verify your email address and the other includes the link to continue with your application.  TIP: Keep the email handy as you can use the link to return to your application at any time.