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Moon-Martyn Mission Bursary

This bursary awards up to $5,000 (depending on available funds and number of applicants) to a full-time college or seminary student who is returning to Heritage for a third or fourth year of full-time studies in a degree program, after having fulfilled the degree’s internship requirement cross-culturally, for six weeks or more.

To apply, write a one-page letter (250-500 words) to the Scholarship Committee which summarizes:
1) The context, time frame, and nature of your internship
2) The organization (agency or church) with whom you are serving for your internship
3) The level of financial need you face this coming year

Application Deadline: N/A

You will receive two emails shortly after submitting this form. One is to verify your email address and the other includes the link to continue with your application.  TIP: Keep the email handy as you can use the link to return to your application at any time.