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Recognizing Christian Character and Leadership

Each year, before graduation, Heritage College & Seminary takes the time to recognize the godly character and academic achievement of both returning and graduating students. The Character Awards at Heritage acknowledge a number of college and seminary students for their leadership, character, and commitment to student life at the school.

Each of these students have been nominated and selected for these various awards by members of the Heritage community – the staff, faculty, and student leadership.

Before tomorrow’s Online Graduation 2020, Heritage would like to announce the winners of this year’s Character Awards:

  • The Marvin Brubacher Citizenship Awards: given to non-graduating students who have been actively involved in student life at Heritage and have exhibited godly character. These students have been nominated and voted on by the student leadership, staff and faculty of Heritage.
    • Awarded to: Mikhaela Trojek and Nadime Ayoub.
  • Delta Epsilon Chi, the Honour Society of the Association of Biblical Higher Education: nominated by the faculty of Heritage College, for academic achievement, Christian character and leadership.
    • Awarded to: Hannah Desroches, Miranda King, Phil Miller, and Daniel Popma.
  • & Mrs. Alex McCready Award: nominated to a returning student entering their final year, who exhibits godly character and academic achievement.
    • Awarded to: Jacob Tomc.

Join us for Online Graduation 2020 on Saturday, September 26th at 10:30am for the premiere of the ceremony at YouTube.com/heritagecs.