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Moving Forward as the Region of Waterloo Becomes a Provincial Red – Control COVID-19 Zone

Posted November 23, 2020

Effective at midnight on Monday, November 23, 2020, the Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services has officially been moved to level Red – Control within the province’s COVID-19 response framework.

As Heritage College & Seminary and everyone within the region enters the first day at this level, it is important that we all as students, staff, and faculty understand what means for all of us – both in regard to on-campus operations as well as the Heritage community.

On the day our region enters this new level, please note the following:

All Team Sports are Cancelled Effective November 23

  • Under Ontario’s public health measures for regions designated Red – Control, team spots must not be practiced or played. As a result, all team sports have been cancelled and will not be allowed in the Gym.
  • The Gym will remain open for use with a maximum of 10 people and can only be used for individual physical activity. (ex. Shooting a basketball)
  • The Fitness Centre will continue to remain open under the revised guidelines and registration procedures.

Limiting Off-Campus Trips for Essential Purposes

  • Following the recommendations from Waterloo Region’s Medical Officer of Health, all students are asked to carefully consider and limit all trips off-campus.
  • It is important that each student only make trips for essential purposes which include groceries, pharmacy, school or work, and medical appointments.
  • Under the Red-Control level, churches will resume to be open and students will still be allowed to attend church while maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks, and following public health measures.

Cafeteria and Classes Will Continue Operating

  • The Cafeteria will continue to operate in the same manner and will not be impacted by the new public health guidelines.
  • All college classes will also continue on in the existing format under these new guidelines.