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Learning From the Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul

Many books and studies are focused on understanding and teaching the theology of Paul. However, for Professor of Church History at Heritage Theological Seminary Dr. Michael Azad A.G. Haykin, it is crucial for him to look at the life of the apostle, delving into what we can learn from the person God used to help establish the early church and spread the gospel throughout the world.

In his latest book—and the most recent release from the imprint Heritage Seminary Press—Paul and His Christian Mission, Haykin sets out to provide readers with a concise but rich study of the life of Paul, the man and the missionary. In doing so, he sets out to display the apostle as a model for the Christian life today and hopes that Christians today would grow through learning from his love for the gospel and people.

“We learn from Paul’s total, wholehearted commitment to Christ and his kingdom,” says Haykin. “Then, his love for people. This was a radical change from when he was a Pharisee and believed that God could be served by killing apostates to Judaism. From a man of religious hate and violence to a man of love.”

One of the book’s more unique elements is that a study guide is included at the end of each chapter. Haykin explains that including this feature was important given his desire to create a resource that can be used in both the seminary classroom and the local church.

“I really want the book to be studied by individuals and groups with a hope that some of the fundamental aims of Paul’s life will again be replicated in today’s churches,” says Haykin.

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