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Jesus, Sexuality & the Good News of the Gospel

The Ontario Chapter of The Gospel Coalition in partnership with Heritage College and Seminary, RZIM, FEB Central, and Muskoka Bible Centre is hosting an all-day Conference on Saturday May 25th with Sam Allberry at Morningstar Christian Fellowship (7601 Sheppard Ave. E., Scarborough) from 9am – 5pm. Sam is a same-sex attracted Anglican Rector who speaks on behalf of The Gospel Coalition and RZIM. The Conference will include these three sessions as well as Q and A with Sam. 1.) Understanding the Cultural Challenges 2.) What Does the Bible Say and How do we Communicate That? 3.) What Can the Local Church do to Help?Registration for the conference is open through Buzztix. The cost is $40 per person until May 10th which includes admission and snacks. Lunch is not included. Undergraduate students are $25.  The cost is $50 per person after May 10th.