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Heritage Theological Seminary Launches Heritage for Canada and the Nations

Approximately twenty years ago, the leadership of Heritage College & Seminary had the opportunity to purchase a piece of land beside its current campus in Cambridge, Ontario. The thought was that this land could be used in the future to serve what they hoped would be a growing number of students attending the school.

Today, Heritage Theological Seminary continues to grow as God sends more men and women to learn God’s Word and be equipped to serve His Church and Christ’s mission in the world. As a result, the time to expand the campus has come.

“Our Professor of Church History, Dr. Michael Haykin, often says that ‘We cannot not have Heritage Theological Seminary,’ because of how Heritage is uniquely positioned to serve the Church in Canada,” says Godfrey Thorogood, Director of Ministry Partners and Internships at Heritage College & Seminary. “Out of a heart to continue our mission and serve the mission of Christ and His Church more, Heritage now looks to expand and grow our ministry to train and equip more men and women for life and ministry.”

On Friday, October 1, during a special outdoor ceremony and livestream event, Heritage officially launched Heritage for Canada & the Nations – a capital campaign that will help Heritage train and support ministry leaders who send people out to share the gospel in Canada and throughout the nations.

During this special event, members of the leadership at Heritage shared information about how the school plans to enlarge its campus, extend training opportunities, and expand its impact from coast to coast to coast and around the world.

At the heart of this fundraising initiative is the construction of a new building that will serve as the home of Heritage Theological Seminary. Located next to the current campus grounds, this new building will serve to both provide the necessary space for teaching and equipping the growing number of seminary students while raising the profile of the seminary. The building will include connected classrooms that will be able to be used for in-person and live, online instruction. It will also provide students with inviting spaces to study or gather, an auditorium for conferences and banquets, and faculty offices.

The new building will also be home to a new initiative from Heritage called the Global Outreach Centre. Out of Heritage’s desire to spread the gospel throughout Canada and the nations, the Global Outreach Centre will strive to act as a catalyst to encourage students to participate in local and global missions while assisting local churches in raising their engagement in missions.

Funds raised from this campaign will also go toward extending the program offerings at Heritage Theological Seminary, provide more distance learning and online degree options, as well as increase scholarship opportunities to support current and future students.

Heritage will also be utilizing this project to extend the impact of the school to provide more resources for the church in Canada. Whether it be the development of a new ministry placement department or the launching of Heritage Seminary Press, the heart of Heritage is to serve the pastors, ministry leaders, and their churches as they strive to faithfully serve Christ in their context.

“We are asking the Lord to continue to use Heritage Theological Seminary to strengthen the Church in Canada and spread the gospel of Christ to the nations,” says Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary. “This new building will provide both a home for the seminary and a hub for ministry in Canada and beyond.”

This new campaign aspires to raise a total of $14,000,000 in funds that will go towards these and various projects that will aid in Heritage’s mission to prepare more men and women for to serve Canada and the nations.

For more information on Heritage for Canada & the Nations, please visit heritageforcanada.ca.

Click here to watch a video about Heritage for Canada & the Nations on Heritage’s YouTube channel.

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