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Alumni FAQs

How do I get a library card?

Heritage graduates continue to have access to the resources of the Heritage Library. This means that you can use the library the same way you always have. You can borrow all circulating materials. Books on reserve along with reference materials cannot be removed from the library.

To receive this privilege contact the Library and indicate you are an alumna/us.   You can also contact the Library by calling 1-800-465-1961 ext. 215.

Click here to access the Heritage Library Catalogue online.

How do I let Heritage know I have changed my address, email or phone number?

If you change your address, email or phone number, please send your new information to Heritage College & Seminary by email at info@heritagecs.edu, or call us at 519-651-2869.

How do I let Heritage know I have changed my name?

If you change your name, please send your new information to Heritage College & Seminary by email info@heritagecs.edu, telephone 519-651-2869.

Does Heritage have an online job board?

Yes!  Heritage has a vibrant job board called Christian Job Search (christianjobsearch.net) where new jobs are posted regularly.

I would like to take my free audit class. What are my next steps?

Heritage College and Theological Seminary makes available to graduates of the Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Religious Education, Bachelor of Church Music, Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies degrees the opportunity to audit one, free, three-hour seminary course each academic year.

For any graduate wishing to upgrade a free audit course into a full credit, the current price of the credit course will be discounted by the current value of the free audit course and the student will then pay the difference.

To register for an audit course, upgrade an audit course to take for credit, or for more details please contact the Registrar’s Office.  You will be then be asked to fill out the Alumni Bursary Audit form.  Please be aware that the bursary for an audited course is a taxable benefit through the CRA.  Appropriate tax forms will be sent to you during tax season.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Please contact the Registrar’s office at sbrubacher@heritagecs.edu to request an official transcript.

How can I start Online courses?

To register for a Distance Learning course, please contact our office through one of the following channels:

How can I stay Connected?

Receive our newsletter by contacting admissions@heritagecs.edu or telephone 519-651-2869