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An Update on the New Home of Heritage Theological Seminary

The site of the new home for Heritage Theological Seminary continues to be a flurry of activity as construction continues even into the colder months of the late Fall.

Substantial progress continues to be made by the masonry workers on the block walls to the extent that the precast concrete flooring for the second story is in place, and the block walls on the second story are nearing completion. While the colder weather has slowed the masonry work to an extent, it’s encouraging to see the progress the team is making. The goal is to have all cement blocking in place before the Christmas break so that the roof trusses, scheduled for early January, can be installed, and allow for work to begin on the roof.

While the masonry workers are busy laying blocks, another contractor fully engages with his crew in installing the steel studding of the interior walls on the first floor. While work is moving forward on interior walls, some overhead electrical and plumbing is being installed.

Please continue to pray for this project and that the new home of Heritage Theological Seminary will bless the church in Canada to the glory of God for years to come.