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College Scholarships and Bursaries

The monetary amounts listed below are the expected scholarship values for the upcoming school year. However, Heritage reserves the right to adjust these amounts as necessary. More details are also available through the Finance office.


William Marshall Leadership Scholarship:

(Up to $1000) – The William Marshall Leadership Scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate students (minimum 3 courses) who demonstrate leadership experience and potential, as recommended by references. Students can apply for this scholarship each year.

Academic Entrance Scholarships:

(Up to $1000) – Automatically awarded to students based on top 6 grade 12 U-level courses. Students who enter with an 85% average, and maintain a 3.5GPA will be awarded $1000 per academic year (the student must maintain a 3.5GPA in the first term to retain the award in the following term; 50% of the award will be awarded each term). Students who write the CAAT can also qualify for the Academic Entrance Scholarship by achieving Post-High-School in each section (awarded $1000).

In order to qualify for the Fall term, students must be accepted by May 31 and Pre-registered by June 30. Students accepted after May 31 will have their GPA assessed to qualify for the scholarship for the Winter term. In order to qualify for the Winter term, students must be accepted by October 31 and Pre-registered by November 30.

Church Matching Scholarship:

(Up to $2,000) – The Church Matching Scholarship is for students who are financially supported and recommended by their home church. This scholarship is available for students entering a full-time degree or certificate program, who are recommended by their home church, and who have met university entrance requirements. If the student’s home church sponsors for an amount up to $500 (non-partner church) or $1,000 (partner church), Heritage will match the amount. No application required. Simply have your church send a cheque with your name in the memo line, and Heritage will match the amount in the following term. This scholarship is available annually.

Returning Student Scholarships:

(Up to $1000) – Automatically awarded to returning college students (or transfer students) who pre-register to enroll full-time (minimum 3 courses per semester) in the upcoming school year and have already completed at least five courses at Heritage. Students who maintain a 3.5GPA will be awarded $1000 per academic year.

Heritage Dean’s Entrance Scholarships:

(Up to $4,500) – The Heritage Dean’s Entrance Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of full-time students entering a degree program who have completed a program at Word of Life Bible Institute or Ethnos 360.


Heritage awards bursaries as funds are donated for student assistance. Bursaries are normally awarded in the second year of a degree program.

Tatiana Blackburn Memorial Bursary:

(Up to $1,000) – The Tatiana Blackburn Memorial Bursary is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student (minimum 3 courses) who demonstrates a passion for missions. Awarded to selected student in the Fall semester.

Seniors Bursary:

Seniors are eligible for a 25% discount on the comprehensive fee. “Senior” is defined as age 65 or over. This applies only to courses taken for credit, and does not apply to distance learning courses. Other associated fees are as stated in the fee schedule. This is only applicable to courses taken in Cambridge. This bursary is automatically applied to the student’s account.

Married Student Bursary:

The spouse of a full-time student will receive a 50% discount on the comprehensive fee. “Full-time” refers to a student taking at least 3 courses (minimum 9 credit hours). The spouse eligible for the discount is considered to be the one taking the fewer credit hours. The course(s) must be taken for credit. This is offered when both spouses are registered in the same semester or session. This bursary is automatically applied to the student’s account.

Student Relocation Bursary:

The Student Relocation Bursary is offered to new students from a distance to facilitate full-time attendance at Heritage College & Seminary. Please review the application form for eligibility requirements. Students qualifying may receive the following:

Round trip travel fare (up to $500)
Tuition bursary (up to $500)
Residence bursary ($500)

Heritage Bursary:

The Heritage Bursary is granted to students based on individual need. Bursaries may be available as funds are donated for general student assistance. In an attempt to be responsible in the distribution of these funds, all applicants are required to complete this application.

Summer Camp Tuition Bursary:

The Summer Camp Tuition Bursary is awarded to an undergraduate student and includes up to a 25% tuition discount. This bursary is granted to students that have completed at least 1 summer (min. 5 weeks full-time) of work at Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC), Camp Widjitiwin, Fair Havens, and Forest Cliff Camp. Application Deadline: July 31