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Financial Aid

Ontario Student Assistance Program

Students enrolled in studies, in specific programs, at Heritage may be eligible for assistance under one or more of the following components of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP): the Canada Student Loans Program (CSL); the Ontario Student Loans Program (OSL).
For Ontario residents, online-application and application forms for OSAP may be obtained on the internet using https://osap.gov.on.ca.

For further assistance please contact our Financial Aid Officer, Kirsha MacLeod-Fitzgerald.

Financial Aid Officer

Kirsha MacLeod-Fitzgerald
519-651-2869 ext. 202

Veteran’s Assistance

Heritage students have been approved by the U.S. Veteran’s Assistance for the payment of benefits. Students should apply early as the student’s program must be evaluated by the Veteran’s Administration.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Heritage has qualified in certain cases as a retraining program under WSIB. An individual considering obtaining funding assistance through WSIB should speak with his or her WSIB Counsellor.

First Nations

Heritage, being a degree-granting institution, is recognized by the First Nations as an institution of post-secondary education. Qualifying students may be eligible for funding assistance from their band council.