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The Athletics Department is designed to assist students in understanding the use of sports in ministry. From the development of outreach programs, informal teaching, or planned seminars, students are encouraged to integrate their love of sports with their commitment to a godly life.

Heritage offers the possibility of participating in various leagues in addition to intramural programs and annual sports challenges. These may change on an annual basis. Our facilities include a full-size gym with a cushioned hardwood floor and a fitness room.


Heritage offers a variety of varsity sports teams each year. Options may include: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s volleyball, hockey and co-ed soccer. The teams that we have each year are dependent on student participation. Currently, we run a hockey team, co-ed volleyball team and a co-ed soccer league.

Staff/Faculty vs. Students

Keep your ears open because an athletic event of epic proportion may occur.

During the semester a challenge may be issued by students or by faculty/staff to defeat one another in some form of athletic competition. This past year it was volleyball and the previous year basketball.

Who knows what it may be in the upcoming year!