The Graduate Certificate in Biblical Care and Counselling applies theology practically in the lives of broken and hurting people. This certificate is designed to:

  • Equip God’s people to minister to one another through biblical counsel.
  • Encourage students to grow in Christ-like character as God’s people relate with one another.
  • Encourage students to grow in practical experience dealing with difficult and challenging problems.
  • Encourage students in the role of the Holy Spirit, who is our great Counsellor.

This graduate certificate will be of special interest to active church leaders looking to provide wisdom, care, hope, and love, trusting God’s Word by His Spirit. The five courses are designed to be sufficient and relevant, equipping you to encourage deep, meaningful, and lasting change.

Five Course Outline:

1. Practical Principles of Biblical Counselling
A look at how to practically walk with people as they share their hurts and brokenness.
2. Theological Foundations for Biblical Counselling
An examination of the foundations of a Christ-centred, Biblical theology which shape and build a structure of biblical counselling within the church and encourage biblical qualities of a counsellor.
3. Typical Problems in Biblical Counselling
Topics include addictions, worry, fear, anxiety, doubt, grief suffering, and depression.
4. Marriage and Family Counselling
A study of practical and theological responses to problems faced in marriage and family.
5. Biblical Counselling Practicum (in-class)
The student will grow in counselling self-awareness within the context of both understanding and practicing the process of biblical counselling.

Class Delivery:

Four courses will comprise of four days per semester in class divided into two day sessions (Friday 1pm-9pm and Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm).
One course will be full week long module of in-class practical excercises to help you better understand the process of biblical counselling.

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