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Heritage Seminary offers a wide variety of courses which students can take by distance learning. 

The Courses:

  • ICS500-2     Worldview & Culture – Dr. Barry Howson
  • THH520-2     Church History I – Dr. Barry Howson
  • THH530-2     Church History II – Dr. Barry Howson
  • THH522-2     Theology of Church & Ministry – Dr. Stan Fowler


Payment in full is due at the time of registration. 

Duration of Course:

Our distance learning courses are offered within the same timeframe of our on-campus courses (January-April, May-August, September-December). 

In the event of a student graduating in the Winter term, all requirements must be completed and submitted no later than two weeks before graduation.


The following distance learning course limitations are presently in effect for students attempting to complete a Certificate or a Masters degree at Heritage Seminary.

1) Certificate of Theological Studies students and Master of Theological Studies students may complete up to three courses by distance learning.
2) Master of Divinity students may complete up to five distance learning courses toward their degree. Generally, this will apply to students taking all or the majority of their courses at Heritage.
3) All students must complete Biblical Introduction before enrolling in a Bible distance learning course for credit.

Applying for Distance Learning Courses:

Please note that you must apply and be accepted to the school prior to registering your Distance Learning course(s). 

Click here to begin your application.