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Letter of Enrollment Request Instructions:

You may need a Letter of Enrollment for your bank or other financial institution in order to release tuition funds. Or, you may have been asked to supply a letter for scholarship purposes. The letter will give information about your status as a student – full or part time – and will also give the name of your academic program and the start and end dates for the academic year. 

If you require specific information about the amount of tuition you owe or have paid, you will need to contact the Business Office at Heritage. 

Please complete the Enrollment Letter Request Form and send it back by e-mail or fax to: 

Attn: Sandi Brubacher
Fax: (519) 651-2870 

– There is no fee for enrollment confirmation.
– Please allow three to five business days for processing.
– The requested form or letter will be sent to you. You are responsible to forward the letter/form to the appropriate individual and/or organization.
– Please note that documents will not be sent by courier, unless specifically requested. If you request that documents be sent by courier, the courier fee will be billed to you.