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Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy

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New Program Beginning Fall 2023

The Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy is dedicated to equipping those currently involved in a chaplaincy ministry or looking to serve as a chaplain with a particular organization or community setting. This Certificate is general enough that those serving in any form of chaplaincy—such as a hospital or health care, airport, seniors care, community, education, military, corrections, sports, and more—can benefit from it. The courses will look at the biblical foundations for chaplaincy, the ethics of chaplaincy, the ministry of presence, and spiritual care intervention for those who are sick, dying or bereaved, among other topics.

Chaplains can provide wisdom, care, hope and love in many areas of our society where formal church institutions have historically not gained much traction or even been granted access to provide ministry. The program aims to be practical and relevant while equipping you to encourage deep, meaningful and lasting change in others as you share the love of Christ with those in your care.

Five Course Curriculum

  1. Biblical and Theological Foundations of Chaplaincy
  2. Theory and Practice of Spiritual Care Intervention
  3. Spiritual Care for the Sick, Dying, and Bereaved and Crisis Intervention
  4. The Gospel and Major World Religions
  5. Chaplaincy Practicum

Class Delivery

Each course will be comprised of four days per semester in class, divided into two-day sessions held on Friday and Saturday.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy are preferred to have a theological undergraduate degree to enter the program. Any applicant will be required to provide official transcripts from the school or schools they have graduated from.

Applicants who are 28 years of age or older and who do not hold a bachelor’s degree may apply as Mature Students.

Program Benefits

This certificate is dedicated to equipping those currently serving in chaplaincy ministry or wanting to serve as a chaplain with a particular organization or community setting.

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