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EQUIP Uni – Academic Transfer Certificate

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Start your academic career in a Christ-centred environment, while gaining a foundational knowledge of the Bible and God and preparing for your future university degree – all over the course of one year of studies at Heritage. The EQUIP Uni program allows you the opportunity to take a year to focus on your personal spiritual growth, while earning credits that will go towards your future degree program the following year.

The one-year, EQUIP Uni program will provide you with:

  • The opportunity to earn Arts and Humanities credits that can transfer into a future university degree program.
  • Grow in your understanding and love of God through studying His Word in strong, Christian community.
  • Learn and discover God’s purpose and call for your life as Christian and how to live that life out for the spread of His glory – locally and globally.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a minimum average of 65% overall
  • Six university preparatory Grade 12 courses; four of these must be U level courses and the other two must be either U or M level.  One of the six must be U level English. A minimum grade of 60% each of these six university preparatory courses is required
  • Applicants from other provinces or countries will have their high school transcripts reviewed for equivalency.
  • Applicants who are homeschooled may submit test scores from either the SAT or the CLT (Classic Learning Test). For admission to a degree, Heritage requires an SAT score of 950 out of 1600 or 1420 out of 2400. Heritage requires an overall score of 60 or above on the CLT for entrance to a degree; scores for each of the three sections (verbal reasoning, grammar/writing, and quantitative reasoning) may also be considered. Applicants who have scored below 950 on the SAT or 60 on the CLT may be considered on a case-by-case basis for admission to a certificate. For more information, please visit our Admissions Requirements page.

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