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Bachelor of Theology – Intercultural Studies Minor

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Preach and teach the Bible within intercultural contexts or serve the church to live out their faith as disciples who make disciples across the globe. This B.Th. program will provide you with a major in Bible and theology, providing you with the opportunity to learn about God’s mission to the world and how encourage churches to live that out and a minor in intercultural studies, to prepare you for cross-cultural ministry within Canada or around the world.

After graduating from this program, you will receive the qualifications to serve in a pastoral role or continue studying in a pastoral program at Heritage Theological Seminary or another institution.

In four-years, the B.Th. – Intercultural Studies will provide you with:

  • A grounded knowledge in the Bible and theology along with the opportunity to study the biblical languages.
  • The ability to clearly preach and teach Scripture in a variety of settings.
  • The understanding of God’s call on believers to live out His mission to the nations and how to lead and train others to be globally-minded disciples.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a minimum average of 65% overall
  • six university preparatory Grade 12 courses; four of these must be U level courses and the other two must be either U or M level.  One of the six must be U level English. A minimum grade of 60% each of these six university preparatory courses is required
  • Applicants from other provinces or countries will have their high school transcripts reviewed for equivalency.
  • Applicants who are homeschooled may submit test scores from either the SAT or the CLT (Classic Learning Test). For admission to a degree, Heritage requires an SAT score of 950 out of 1600 or 1420 out of 2400. Heritage requires an overall score of 60 or above on the CLT for entrance to a degree; scores for each of the three sections (verbal reasoning, grammar/writing, and quantitative reasoning) may also be considered. Applicants who have scored below 950 on the SAT or 60 on the CLT may be considered on a case-by-case basis for admission to a certificate. For more information, please visit our Admissions Requirements page.

Job Opportunities

  • Pastoral Ministry in Canada or Abroad
  • Relief Organizations
  • Urban Ministry in Canada or abroad
  • Cross Cultural Missions

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