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Learning and Growing to Go

The desire to pursue missions settled into my mind when I was very young, and it was the determination to continue pursuing this goal that led me to Heritage. Now, as I look back, I see that the Lord used my experience at Heritage to shift my view on missions for the better.

My whole life I chose missions, but I never truly knew why. However, I was always eager to latch onto its possibility of adventure. While attending Heritage, God stretched my faith, humbled my heart, challenged my ideas, and ultimately reframed the true meaning of grace that contributed to my shift in understanding. In those three years, I discovered the “why.”

I came to realize my childhood choice carried a command to go, not because I was promised I would thrive, but because Jesus’ name is to be glorified. I realized that there are people who haven’t heard the gospel of grace, that don’t know God sent His Son to die for their sins that they may be saved. In the time I spent studying God’s word at Heritage, nothing hit me harder than this reality and I couldn’t ignore it.

After completing my program, I became a student at Emanate Missionary Training Center with my husband Tyler to become equipped for cross-cultural church planting. Reflecting on the work the Lord did in my heart at Heritage to reveal His mission kindles gratitude within my soul that will not be quenched. Jesus’ love is eternal and it’s unfathomable that he’d use a sinner such as I to share the wonders of His grace.

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