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Learn and Grow During the Online Lecture Series

Be encouraged in your faith as you learn from members of the faculty of Heritage Theological Seminary during our special Online Lecture Series.

The Heritage Online Lecture Series will provide you with a free opportunity to dig deep into God’s Word and grow in your faith as you participate in webinars led by our seminary faculty.

Register today for these special online lectures happening on Wednesdays at 1pm starting on May 20 and ending on June 17.

Discover our schedule of lectures and register today for the lectures you want to take part in all on DiscoverHeritage.ca/OnlineLectureSeries.


Check out our Schedule of Lectures:  

May 20 at 1:00pm – Dr. Ian J. Vaillancourt – “David, Goliath, and the Gospel”  

David and Goliath is one of the best-known and most beloved stories in the Old Testament, but how does it best apply to the Christian life? Most often, people apply the story directly, saying that “just like David faced Goliath with God’s help, I can face the ‘giants’ in my life with God’s help.” But a look at the David and Goliath story in its biblical context and book context, will help us to go much deeper than this. Dr. Ian Vaillancourt will show that the David and Goliath story does help Christians face any difficulty, but in a way that is much deeper and more meaningful than a mere “you can do it” pep talk. As we unpack the gospel application of this great story, attendees will further develop their own instinct to get to Christ and the gospel from every passage of the Old Testament.  

May 27 at 1:00pm – Dr. David G. Barker – “Lament in a Pandemic: A Worship Voice for the Church” 

The Apostle Paul twice in his writings to the churches said that we are to speak to one another in psalms. While he may have been speaking of more than we have in the Book of Psalms, he certainly was not speaking of less. The single largest category of psalms in the Psalter is Lament Psalms, not Praise, Thanksgiving, or Trust Psalms. In this lecture Dr. David Barker will explore the nature of Lament Psalms and how they can be used in the worship life of the church and in the individual lives of God’s people, especially in difficult times like the ones we are in now.

June 3 at 1:00pm – Dr. J. Stephen Yuille – “The Fear of God in Puritan Theology & Spirituality” 

This motif is front and centre in the Puritan mindset. It is found in all their writings from William Perkins to Jonathan Edwards. They are acutely aware of the fact that they serve a great God—a God greatly to be feared. As Matthew Henry expresses it: “Of all things that are to be known this is most evident, that God is to be feared, to be reverenced, served, and worshipped; this is so the beginning of knowledge that those know nothing who do not know this.”

June 10 at 1:00pm- Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin – “’Beauty so ancient and so new’: God, beauty, and sex in Augustine” 

In this lecture we explore the intersection of Augustine’s search for God, his fascination with beauty, and his struggle with his own sexuality, through the story of his life – a life that took him from teenage rebellion and involvement in a cult in North Africa, where he grew up, to a garden in Milan in northern Italy, where he surrendered to Christ at the age of 32.

June 17 at 1:00pm – Dr. Rick Reed – “Noticeably Better Preaching and Teaching” 

Paul instructed Timothy to work hard at preaching and teaching so that “all may see your progress” (1 Timothy 4:15).  Having trained preachers and teachers for over a decade, Rick Reed provides practical ways for those who communicate God’s Word to get better—noticeably better.  This webinar focuses on five essentials of effective, biblical teaching.  If you want to get noticeably better as a preacher or teacher, join us for an hour of encouragement and equipping.


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