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Jeemin Moon joins Heritage as Lecturer and Biblical Counsellor

For Jeemin Moon, to serve as a Lecturer and Biblical Counsellor with Heritage’s college is a true honour and privilege. To have the opportunity to contribute his part to the mission of a school like Heritage that equips students to serve the Lord throughout their life and ministry and point to the hope of Christ is a role he is looking forward to serving in.

“As a confessional institution, I believe that our role is to faithfully point people—believers and unbelievers—to the One in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins, and hence the true hope for our life on earth and the life eternal,” says Prof. Moon. “Here at Heritage, I see both the faculty and staff who are committed to this mission, and it is tremendously encouraging to walk with like-minded brothers and sisters as an instructor.”

Born and raised in South Korea, Moon graduated with a BA in Counselling Psychology and English from Handong Global University in Pohang. From there, God led him to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he graduated with an MDiv in Worship Leadership and a ThM in Biblical Counselling.

While studying at Southern, Moon recalls sitting under the teaching of Dr. Jeremy Pierre through which God captured his heart for the ministry of biblical counselling. This passion for counselling ministry has led him to continue his education at Southern as he is currently working on his PhD in Biblical Counselling.

Moon explains that during studying at Southern, he began to see how the Word of God is truly the most comprehensive resource for understanding human problems and speaking to the hearts of hurting people. As a result, he says he is excited to help young Christians studying biblical counselling at Heritage to apply God’s Word to their own lives and the lives of others who are hurting so they can be a blessing wherever God takes them.

“Although not all believers are called to be a vocational counsellor, all Christians are called to join in the ministry of one-anothering,” says Moon. “In other words, we are to speak the truth in love so that we will grow together to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ (Eph. 4:15).”

Part of Moon’s job at Heritage will also be providing biblical counselling services for the male students at the school. In this role, he is looking forward to helping the students he sees thrive in their studies, lives, and ministries and helping them draw closer to Christ.

“My sincere prayer is to see my students building lifelong relationships with their friends while building the lifelong relationship with the One who calls us, ‘Friend,’” says Moon. “I would like to walk with them as they navigate through the difficulties of life as co-followers of Christ and co-heirs of the kingdom of heaven.”