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Heritage Hosts the Evangelical Theological Society Ontario and Quebec

Heritage College & Seminary is excited to host the tenth annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society Ontario and Quebec regional meeting on October 15, 2022.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Holiness,” and the speaker for the plenary session is Dr. Amber Bowen. Dr. Bowen is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Core Studies at Redeemer University in Ancaster, Ontario. Her research and writings primarily focus on Kierkegaard studies, phenomenology, and philosophical hermeneutics. The title of Dr. Bowen’s presentation is “The Nearness of the Holy: Kierkegaard on the Occasion of a Confession.”

Scholars of fifteen different affiliations will also present their research during the parallel sessions. Heritage is looking forward to welcoming scholars, students, and pastors to join in conversation and fellowship. The conference will begin at 9:00 am and finishes at 5:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to join. The regular cost is $20 and $10 for students.

Please direct any questions to Prof. Baiyu Andrew Song, the programme chair, at bsong@heritagecs.edu.


9:00: Registration ($20.00; Students: $10.00)

9:15: Welcome (201A/B)

9:20: Plenary Address (201A/B)

Amber Bowen (Redeemer University), “The Nearness of the Holy: Kierkegaard on the Occasion of a Confession”

10:15: Coffee/Tea Break

10:45–12:15: Parallel Sessions

Session I: Hebrew Bible (202; Chair: David Robinson)

10:45: David J. Fuller (Torch Trinity Graduate University), “Literary ‘Back-References’ in Genesis 47:13–26: Intersecting Themes and Their Implications for Meaning”

11:15: Jacob J.A. Tomc (McMaster Divinity School), “‘That You May Live’: An Analysis of the Heart of Torah in Deuteronomy and John Calvin

11:45: E. Carolina Holguin (McMaster Divinity College), “YHWH’s Glory Manifested in Ezekiel’s Temple and Repentance: A Study on Ezekiel 43:10–11 in Light of Biblical and Systematic Theology”

Session II: Church History (201A/B; Chair: John Sampson)

10:45: Jonathan N. Cleland (Knox College, Toronto), “Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Typological Interpretation of the Samson Narrative”

11:15: Michael A.G. Haykin (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), “This ‘fretting leprosy’: Andrew Fuller’s Posthumous Critique of Antinomianism”

11:45: Baiyu Andrew Song (Heritage College and Seminary), “John’s Baptism in the Hall-Kinghorn Communion Controversy, 1815–1827”

12:15–1:45: Lunch

1:45–3:45: Parallel Sessions

Session III: Biblical Theology (202; Chair: David Fuller)

1:45: James J.S. Harrichand (Morningstar Christian Fellowship, Scarborough), “Auxiliary Expressions Related to Prose Prayers of Disorientation in Hebrew Bible (Genesis to Esther)”

2:15: David I. Yoon (Emmanuel Bible College), “The Meaning and Use of λόγος in John’s Prologue: A Lexical Semantic Approach”

2:45: Solomon Getachew Ayecheluhim (McMaster Divinity College), “Reading John 4:1–26 as a Conversational Register”

3:15: Wyatt Graham (The Gospel Coalition Canada), “Is Pre-Critical Exegesis of the Psalms Actually Pre-Critical?: How Christians in the Earliest Centuries Read the Psalms”

Session IV Theology I (201A/B; Chair: Baiyu Andrew Song)

1:45: Christian Clement-Schlimm (Wycliffe College), “Applauding His Righteous Ire: The Theodicy of the Wesleys and the Great Lisbon Earthquake”

2:15: John Sampson (University of Toronto), “The Sanctifying Society: Recovering the Relational Life of Holiness”

2:45: Andrei Davedianov (Saint Paul University), “Hopeful Foresight in Public Policy Gambles”

3:15: Andrew G. Wildsmith (Fellowship International and Africa Inland Mission), “Communion as a Holy Rite in a Holy Place: An African Christian Example”

Session V Theology II (204; Chair: Jonathan N. Cleland)

1:45: David Robinson (Westminster Chapel; Tyndale University), “The Restoration of the Fallen Soul in the Early Writings of Maximus the Confessor”

2:15: Jesse Hill (McMaster Divinity College), “Reading Phenomenological Depth in Holy Encounters”

2:45: Chris Jeemin Moon (Heritage College and Seminary), “‘Strangers and Exiles’: Christian Identity as the Foundation for Counselling Korean Americans”

3:15: Andrew M. Fountain (Newlife Church, Toronto), “Responding to the Pandemic of Destructive Self- Condemnation––What was Nailed to the Cross in Col 2:12–15 and Who are the Powers and Authorities?”

3:45: Coffee/Tea Break (201A/B)

4:15: Brief Business Meeting

4:45: Closing Remarks