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Heritage Announces Changes to Campus Protocols

Posted January 31, 2022

Starting Monday, January 31, the Province of Ontario will be beginning its three-step plan to ease public health measures cautiously and gradually. Considering the recent changes to these measures and out of our desire to foster a positive and healthy learning experience for the student, staff, and faculty at the college and seminary, Heritage is announcing the following changes to our campus protocols:


  • The testing station in the HCC has been relocated to the office beside Student Council—across the hall from the Student Services Office. This will give students more access to testing during evenings and weekends.
  • Please ensure that you are reporting your results by using the QR Code or the Recording Sheet located at the testing station.


The Cafeteria will once again be open at 50% capacity. Tables will be spaced out and host up to 6 students per table.


Chapel services will continue to be held in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 50% capacity. Students will also be able to view these services by livestream at DiscoverHeritage.ca/Live.

Gym & Fitness Centre

  • The gym will be available for student use at 50% capacity.
  • Intramurals will be able to start again, and students will have access to the gym for individual physical activity.
  • Masks are required in the gym unless students are participating in individual or team sports.
  • The fitness centre will be open for use, up to two students at a time, or one apartment. Students can reserve their timeslot by emailing ctalabis@heritagecs.edu.

Heritage Community Centre

  • There will continue to be reduced capacities posted in designated areas in the HCC.
  • Gathering limits in specified areas will be up to 10 students.
  • The HCC will once again be open until 1:00 am.
  • Masks should be always worn when using any of these spaces.

Library Hours

  • Considering current and ongoing COVID-19 protocols, the current maximum capacity for the library has been set at 25 occupants. Masks must be always worn while indoors and physical distancing must be followed.
  • See library hours here: https://discoverheritage.ca/library/.

Residence Buildings:

  • Access to both Residence Buildings will be prohibited to all off-campus students and guests.
  • Students can visit other apartments in the common room area with masks up to 6 students.
  • Please do not congregate with other students in the hallways of the dorm.
  • Students in residence will continue to be required to wear a mask in the laundry room and halls of the dorm.


  • Group gatherings outside are now increased to 25.

For more information on the protocols on campus, please feel free to email the COVID-19 Protocols Committee at covid19@heritagecs.edu.