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Tech Talks for Churches – Event Plan

September 23rd, 2023

  Time Location
Registration 9:00am
Main Session 9:30am Gym
Break 10:15am Refreshment Area
Workshop 1 10:45am See Below
Lunch 12:00pm Refreshment Area
Workshop 2 1:30pm See Below
Break 2:45pm Refreshment Area
Workshop 3 3:00pm See Below
Trade Show 4:15pm

Event Team

** Firehouse subs lunch provided for the Event Team in the chapel.

Heritage AVLI
Doug Thomson

Dan Schell

Matt Collins

Russ Shouldice

Lucille Baxter

Micah Sauder

Joachim Verdonk

Cassie Talabis

Adam Buchwald

Carolyn Burgess

Myah Foss

Leah Stanley

Josiah Schoenmaker

Jon Talabis

Griffin Goble

Justin Colyn

Anj Colyn

Brad Kosid

Bryan Hewitt

Katlyn Persad

Matt Koopmans

Lawren Helder

Matt Leaker

Nicolas Bruulsema

Jacob Nussbaum


Friday, September 22nd @ 8:00am.


Saturday, September 23rd @5:30pm.


Gym Setup: Floor goes down.  Stage goes down.  Systems: Sound, projection, lighting, video.

Stage on north wall to extend large build-in stage.  Vendor booths around the outside of the gym.  AVLI providing sound, video, lighting, and projector systems.

Chapel Auditorium environment.

Setup: Tidy stage, arrange chairs, bring up podium mic.

Classroom 101 Classroom environment

Setup: Tidy, arrange chairs, test equipment.

Classroom 102 Classroom environment

Setup: Tidy, arrange chairs, test equipment.

Classroom 201 Classroom environment

Setup: Tidy, arrange chairs, test equipment.



Main Session & Workshops

The Role of Technology in Corporate Worship (9:30am)

Dr. Doug Thomson | Director of Music & Worship Studies at Heritage College & Seminary.

If the audience of our worship is God and not the congregation, how can technology assist in making that happen?

Workshop Time Slot 1 (10:45am)



Classroom 102

Classroom 201

Every Knob, Button, & Fader

Brad Kosid and Justin Colyn from AVLI.

Mics & Miking Techniques

Matt Collins from Heritage College and Seminary.

Composition, Lighting, & Aesthetics

Bryan Hewett from AVLI.

Understanding Technology as a Musician

Keith Sparrow from Forward Baptist Church

Workshop Time Slot 2 (1:30pm)



Classroom 102

Classroom 201

Mixing for Live Sound

Russ Shouldice from Heritage College and Seminary

Presentation Technologies: Bridging Design, Technology, and Strategy

Graham Paulsen from Church Motion Graphics

Planning Center

Lee Brubacher from Emmanuel Baptist Church

Planning, Budgeting, & Purchasing

Dave Siverns, Compass Point Bible Church & Justin Colyn, AVLI

Workshop Time Slot 3 (3:00pm)



Classroom 101

Classroom 201

EQ, Compression & Effects

Robert Hunter from AVLI

Live Stream Broadcasting

Jacob Nussbaum from AVLI

System Design & Commissioning

Justin Colyn from AVLI & Russ Shouldice from Heritage

Stage Monitoring Techniques

Tim Hamm from Benton Street Baptist Church