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Dr. Ian J. Vaillancourt Honoured with the R.B.Y. Scott Award

Dr. Ian J. Vaillancourt’s 2019 monograph, The Multifaceted Saviour of Psalms 110 and 118: A Canonical Exegesis, has recently been recognized by the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (CSBS) as the recipient of its R.B.Y. Scott Award. This award recognizes an outstanding book in the areas of Hebrew Bible and/or the Ancient Near East. It is named after Robert Balgarnie Young Scott, one of Canada’s most renowned Old Testament scholars.

When Dr. Vaillancourt received the news that he had received this award, he says that he was both honoured and encouraged as he continues to serve the Lord through a writing ministry.

As he looks back on the book that began his Ph.D. dissertation, Dr. Vaillancourt hopes that it influences Christians more broadly, by first convincing Psalms scholars to find Messianic hope in a Saviour to come as a prominent theme in the latter portion of the book of Psalms.

“Ultimately, I hope that Christ is exalted from this study of the Old Testament,” says Vaillancourt.

The CSBS, known for being the oldest humanities academic society in Canada, annually awards Canadian scholars who are interested in the academic study of the Bible in its literary and historical contexts. As a winner of the R.B.Y. Scott Award, Dr. Vaillancourt’s name has been added to the ranks of previous winners, who include Carmen Joy Imes, Iain Provan, John Kessler, Keith Bodner, and Mark Boda.

Dr. Vaillancourt continues to serve the Lord through his writing and publishing, and is currently working on several projects. These include books on the Pentateuch, the Psalms, and a pair of commentaries on 1 and 2 Samuel for the Pillar Old Testament Commentary series.

To learn more about Dr. Vaillancourt’s award winning scholarly monograph, please click here.