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Will and Estate Options

Bequest, planned giving through your Will & Estate options

What are the benefits of making a bequest or planned gift?

One of the greatest benefits of making a bequest – a gift through your Will – or other planned gift is that you may be able to provide a greater level of support to Heritage than is possible during your lifetime, especially if you need to keep most of your assets available. There are also tax advantages to making a bequest – a gift through your Will – or other form of planned gift that benefit your estate.

Sample Bequest Language for your Will

We are pleased to provide the necessary language / wording and pertinent information to give to your lawyer or estate planners. See contact information below.

Confirm your Intentions

Have you already included Heritage in your estate plans? If so, we invite you to let us know. We value knowing your future intentions so we can help ensure your wishes will be followed. Heritage would also be pleased to recognize you for your future generosity or maintain your anonymity.