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Discovering the Path of Life

Dr. J. Stephen Yuille (Vice President of Academics and Academic Dean of College at Heritage College & Seminary) admits that for most of his adult life he was a little intimidated by Psalm 119. However, five years ago, he committed himself to teaching through it in the church where he was pastoring. Now, he shares his insights in his new book The Path of Life: Blessedness in Seasons of Lament.

The main theme of Psalm 119, according to Dr. Yuille, is the stability and sufficiency of God’s Word in every circumstance of life. He believes this is an important message for Christians as we strive to live faithfully through trying times. “When unwanted, uninvited, and unanticipated change shakes our lives, we need to stand on a solid foundation. Psalm 119 shows us how,” says Dr. Yuille. The Path of Life takes readers on a journey through the psalmist’s many ups and downs, while emphasizing his joy, strength, and endurance, as he seeks to walk with God and abide in His Word.

The book also includes many reflections from respected scholars and pastors from the church’s past. This is intentional, as Dr. Yuille believes it is important to embrace these historical voices in order to learn from their insights while connecting with the church’s rich heritage. “C. S. Lewis was concerned about our tendency to ignore voices from the past because we assume that we’ve advanced well beyond their myopic understanding,” says Dr. Yuille. “And so, in this book, I incorporate several historical voices – not only to glean from their collective wisdom, but to demonstrate that we’re part of something much bigger than our contemporary context suggests.”

While Psalm 119 is filled with hope in God and His Word, it is also an expression of great lament. For Dr. Yuille, there is an urgent need today to develop a biblical view of lament, especially given the negative influence of the prosperity gospel on the way many Christians approach life and suffering. The Psalms of lament (particularly Psalm 119) are a timely remedy because they show us what it means to look to God when our lives are touched by the ravages of the fall. “They give expression to our experience, and they teach us how to draw near to God in the darkness,” explains Dr. Yuille. “My prayer is that this book contributes to a better understanding of this comforting reality.”

To learn more about The Path of Life, or to purchase the book, see the following link: http://bit.ly/thepathoflife