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Bachelor of Church Music – Music and Worship Emphasis

The Bachelor of Church Music – Music & Worship Emphasis degree is designed to develop the musically gifted student to become skilled and confident as a Christian artist by integrating the study of music, worship, and theology and by cultivating a biblical and worship-oriented ministry outlook. While enrolled in this program, students are required to develop their abilities in performance through an ongoing regimen of applied study and rehearsal. Students also must demonstrate leadership skills in the field of worship and music ministries. Career possibilities for graduates from the Bachelor of Church Music – Music and Worship Emphasis program include: music teacher, worship leader, music pastor, performer, studio musician, accompanist, and cross-cultural music ministry.

Bachelor of Theology – Music

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) – Music is a four-year program with a major in Bible and Theology and a minor in Music. The program is designed to prepare students for pastoral ministry with a secondary focus on using music to lead others into worship. Graduates from this degree are qualified to enter the Seminary pastoral program.

Performance & Composition Certificate (1 Year)

The Performance & Composition Certificate has been created for those students who want to explore their musical abilities while learning about the Bible and participating in Christian community. In addition to developing skills in instrumental or vocal music, the student learns the basics required to begin arranging and writing their own music.

Worship Leaders Certificate (1 Year)

The Worship Leaders Certificate level 1 is a program with a practical orientation designed to train the student for the initial stages of worship ministry. Basic musical skills, essential Bible and theology, an understanding of musical styles, and a deep appreciation for how to bring God’s people into worship, are brought together during this year.

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