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the SERVE. experience (Certificate of Intercultural Studies) ** NEW PROGRAM OPTION **

This one year certificate program gives students an intentional and directed way to discover missions through academically credible discipleship training and missions experience.  With a focus on personal and spiritual formation within a team environment, students train and prepare to serve and to learn in a cross-cultural context.  Students joining this unique one year missions focused program will experience God, missions and change while serving together.
There are two program options for the SERVE. experience, CLICK HERE to find out more.

Bachelor of Religious Education – Professional: Intercultural Studies

Both overseas and in our own multicultural urban centres, intercultural ministry is important to fulfilling the Great Commission – to preach, baptize, teach, and disciple all the nations. The complexity of the work of intercultural ministry requires workers who are personally mature and grounded in truth and who possess a wide range of skills. The required courses in this degree provide the basic preparation for intercultural ministry. The electives allow students to specialize in an area of ministry or increase their knowledge and training in diverse areas. Graduates of this program are equipped to enter into positions with mission agencies or into pastoral settings. (Standard Program= 130 credit hours)

Bachelor of Theology – Intercultural Studies Minor

The Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) – Intercultural Studies is a four-year program with a major in Bible and Theology and a minor in intercultural studies. The program is designed to prepare students for the preaching and teaching required in intercultural ministry. Through a partnership with CrossTraining, students have the option of enrolling in the Cross Training program in Toronto in their third year of studies to complete the CrossTraining certificate. The CrossTraining program gives students the opportunity do their practicum in an urban intercultural Toronto for the fall term, and in the winter term, students will serve the same cultural group (if possible) in another country. Graduates from this degree are also qualified to enter the Seminary pastoral program.

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