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Five Reasons Heritage Is the Perfect Choice for Homeschooled Students

Successfully moving from the homeschool environment to the post-secondary system can be a challenge.

Will you be able to find a school that will match the Christian values and standards currently set in your home?

At Heritage, homeschooled students will find a seamless transition into college life, along with an education to prepare them for a successful future. Read on to learn the top 5 reasons Heritage is the perfect choice for homeschooled students.

 1. Cost Effective:

When it comes to post-secondary education, Heritage is a premier destination at an affordable price. Instead of going to a much more expensive institution, consider the amazing return on investing in an education at Heritage. Our professors are highly trained individuals that will provide the absolute best in Biblical foundations.

2. Transfer Options to University or College:

Even if you’re not interested in a ministry focused degree, our 1 or 2 year certificate programs are transferrable to other university or college programs. Why not receive a year or two of Biblical training before moving on to your career of choice? (Ask an admissions counselor how transfer credits could work for you.)

3. Homeschoolers are Welcome:

We understand and deeply respect the homeschool ethos, and we actively recruit homeschooled students, finding them among our brightest and most capable undergraduates. When you apply to Heritage, you’ll discover our admissions staff holds homeschooled students in the same high regard as public and private school students. We admire the care and excellence parents invest in a home-based curriculum and recognize how such an environment prepares a student for college.

4. Matching Values:

Parents choose homeschooling, in part, to pass along to their children their own Christian values and worldview. When parents send their children to Heritage, they will know the college will reinforce what mom and dad taught at home. Every Heritage faculty and staff member is a Christian, committed to helping each student grow in their faith.

5. Caring Community

New students at Heritage find a loving Christian support network waiting to greet them. In addition to meeting a community of likeminded students, Heritage freshmen are also supported by caring faculty and staff eager to help new arrivals make a smooth transition to campus life. And by joining a student Bible study or any number of extracurricular activities, our students quickly and easily make caring Christian friends.