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Our mission is to provide students with excellent educational opportunities through access to high quality distance learning courses. Distance learning courses are designed for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend regular on-campus classes. Through distance learning, we seek to expand our ministry by enriching the lives of a greater number of students while enhancing availability of courses to our present student body.

Course Time Frames

Courses are offered on a term basis and students must register for courses before the beginning of each term. Course materials will be available at the beginning of the term and students must complete the course by the end of the term in which they begin. 
In the event of a student graduating, all requirements must be completed and submitted no later than two weeks before graduation.

Applying for Distance Learning Courses

Please note that you must apply and be accepted to the school prior to registering your Distance Learning course(s). You can begin your online application by clicking here.