BackMBC Bursary

The Muskoka Bible Centre (MBC) tuition bursary at Heritage College & Seminary, is a great opportunity for students to recieve a discount on tuition for their hard work at MBC.

The bursary will award students after completing a minimum of 5 weeks of full-time work at MBC.

  • 10% tuition discount after your first summer of 5 weeks or more
  • 20% tuition discount after your second summer of 5 weeks or more
  • 25% tuition discount after your third summer of 5 weeks or more

You will need to have confirmed with your MBC manager that you qualify and have their email address ready to input into the appropriate reference request on the application.

To apply, you must complete an application to attend Heritage and complete the MBC Bursary application below.

Once you complete the initial form below, watch for an email confirmation that will provide a link to finish the rest of the MBC bursary application.