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Our Mission in Ottawa 

The mission of Heritage Seminary, located in Cambridge Ontario, is to equip people for theologically grounded leadership and ministry to serve the mission of God in the world through their involvement in evangelical churches, denominations, and parachurch ministries.  

Heritage—Ottawa is an extension program of Heritage Seminary, and our desire is to extend our educational opportunities beyond Southern Ontario. We are providing a venue for theological education in Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley.


Heritage—Ottawa offers the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Admission Information:
Entrance to a Heritage Seminary degree requires a Bachelors degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or university. View our admission requirements.

What about College Credit?
While Heritage—Ottawa courses are offered by Heritage Seminary, they may be taken for undergraduate credit. The course will be taught at a seminary level of instruction, but a separate syllabus will be provided for Ottawa college students. An Ottawa student may apply the Heritage—Ottawa courses to all the College certificates, diplomas, and degrees in various core or elective slots.

Certificate and Degree Credits
A student who completes the ten courses will be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies from Heritage Seminary. Courses may also be applied to the Master of Theological Studies and Master of Divinity degrees as well as the Diploma in Pastoral Studies and Leadership (The MTS degree must be 50% or more completed through the Cambridge site. Hence, to apply the Heritage—Ottawa courses to a MTS (a 20 course degree), a minimum of eleven courses must be taken through the Cambridge site. Courses may be applied to the MDiv degree and the Diploma in Pastoral Students and Leadership in various elective slots.)

Course Delivery
Courses are offered in a “multi-modal” format. This means that a Heritage Seminary professor will teach on site for a day at the beginning and part way through the semester (Fall, Winter, Spring). The rest of the course will be done online. The online part of the course will include recorded lectures by the professor, as well as the postings of assignments and responses by students, along with interactions by the professor.

Apply Today 
1) Download the Application Form and read through the entire Application Guide. In addition, read the Seminary Student Handbook and declare on your application form that you have read the Community Life Commitment section (Part C).

Please contact our Seminary Admissions Counsellor for help with program selection.

2) Mail your application form, residence application and appropriate fee to the following address:
Heritage Theological Seminary
Seminary Admissions Coordinator
175 Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge, ON N3C 3T2

For more information about or courses offered in Ottawa at the MET or to register, please contact Theresa Beach, Registrar at Heritage: 1.800.465.1961, ext. 228 or


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