Unfolding the Wonders of the Gospel in the Book of Romans

Dr. J. Stephen Yuille, Vice President of Academics and Academic Dean of the College, is convinced that today we need hope more than anything else. As we enter the first months of a new year in the midst of an on-going pandemic, it is evident that many people are struggling with despair and disappointment. Yuille is convinced that we would do well to focus on the central message of hope found in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

“The only remedy is to abound in hope – the life-changing certainty that someday we’ll have all that God has promised,” says Yuille. “Paul focuses our attention on the gospel – God’s goodness toward us in Christ. And he encourages us to fix our eyes on Him. As the anchor steadies the ship in the midst of the storm, so hope keeps us steady in the storms of life.”

In The Obedience of Faith Yuille guides readers to the wonder of God’s gospel. He explains how Paul’s letter to the Romans unlocks the depths of God’s Word, unfolds the wonders of Christian theology, and establishes the pillars of Evangelical piety unlike any other book in the Bible.

Yuille mentions that it has been his privilege to preach through Paul’s epistle on three occasions while ministering in churches in Portugal, Ontario, and Texas. As he has done so, God has used it to impact his own life and ministry. “I think Martin Luther said it best: ‘This epistle can never be read or pondered too much, and the more it is dealt with the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes,’” explains Yuille.

To learn more about The Obedience of Faith: Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, please visit the publisher’s website here.

A Heart for the Local Church and Equipping its Leaders

Looking back, Dr. Michael Pawelke believes that his heart for training and equipping leaders came from his experiences in the local church. The current President of Briercrest College and Seminary and this year’s speaker for Ministry Leadership Day with Heritage Theological Seminary, says that he finds himself often reflecting on his sense of call into ministry.

One past experience that he says has shaped the way he leads today was the valuable discipleship he received when he was young from one Sunday School teacher at his local church in Toronto, Ontario. For Pawelke, it was how this teacher took the time to teach him the Scriptures and freely give of his own time to walk with him that continues to form the way he leads and teaches others to lead.

“While he never used the words “disciple” or “reproduction”, this relationship shaped my values and practices such that I have always sought to build into the lives of a handful of others in a more significant way,” explains Pawelke.

He also recalls a time while church planting where he says he hit a wall and began a year of reflection, learning, and healing that brought clarity to his call to “love, lead, feed, and seed” disciples through his ministry.

“It was then that I began to own the responsibility of not only reproducing disciples but also of developing leaders,” says Pawelke. “And, because I love the local church so much, I wanted to produce leaders for the local church and Christ’s kingdom work.”

As he continues to serve and equip leaders in the local church, Pawelke has had the opportunity to walk alongside pastors and church leaders as they face the challenges that have come from the COVID-19 pandemic. He states that this unique time has not only impacted the way leaders shepherd the local church but has also impacted the leaders themselves.

Pawelke says that though he has watched some church leaders creatively serve their people and communities in these times, he has also witnessed leaders respond in a variety of ways that reflect the struggles of leading a church during times of turbulence and crisis.

From the emotional toll of the additional work that is depleting leaders to the preoccupation of working with government restrictions while watching important, routine ministry be displaced – Pawelke says that it has all left church leaders exhausted and discouraged with not much left give to their people at the end of their days.

“This takes different forms and is likely due to a number of factors – inability to gather, difficulty knowing how their flock is doing, challenges in maintaining a sense of community, or fear for the wellbeing of their most vulnerable,” he explains. “Many leaders feel deeply for their people, but simultaneously feel limited in their ability to engage.”

As church leaders continue to serve in light of the pandemic, Pawelke points leaders to the hope for all pastors when they reset their focus on God’s call on the Church and His promises to be faithful through whatever the Church faces.

“The Great Commandment and the Great Commission are paramount. The mission of the Church should come first,” says Pawelke. “We also see from history that Christianity’s message and efficacy transcends politics, culture, and natural disasters.”

“It has worked, and can work in every imaginable political context, during war, in times of famine, and during times of peace. Let’s stay the course.”

As he prepares for Ministry Leadership Day 2021, Pawelke says that he is looking forward to not only teaching fellow leaders, but also the opportunity to connect with people during the question-and-answer times.

“I want to hear from others on what is occupying them. I know the phrase is overused by our political leaders, but we truly are in this together,” he says. “I derive such energy from simply being with other leaders of like passion and like challenges and only wish we were together in person.”

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Ministry Leadership Day 2021 Welcomes Dr. Michael Pawelke

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Heritage Theological Seminary will be welcoming Dr. Michael B. Pawelke to be this year’s guest speaker at its annual Ministry Leadership Day being held on Thursday, March 4th.

Each year, Ministry Leadership Day provides an opportunity for pastors and ministry leaders to be encouraged and equipped through relevant and practical teaching surrounding a wide variety of topics related to leading in a local church context.

To continue to support church leaders through this event during these unique times, Ministry Leadership Day will be livestreamed for all participants so that they can learn and grow from their homes.

Dr. Pawelke currently serves as the sixth president of Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport, Saskatchewan, where he also teaches on leadership and pastoral ministry. During his sessions, he will be covering a number of topics including longevity in leadership and good judgment.

Dr. Rick Reed, President of Heritage College & Seminary, says that he is grateful to have Dr. Pawelke participate as our speaker for this year’s online Ministry Leadership Day.

“Dr. Pawelke is the kind of leader that I’d be happy to follow as I have watched the Lord use him to effectively lead a local church as well as Briercrest College and Seminary,” explains Dr. Reed. “He combines spiritual depth, relational warmth, and leadership wisdom.”

Dr. Barry Howson, Academic Dean of Heritage Theological Seminary, has watched Ministry Leadership Day become a yearly highlight for many pastors and ministry leaders as they come to the event to learn and grow from experienced pastors like Dr. Pawelke.

“Over the years we have had great pastoral insight and practical instruction from seasoned ministry leaders,” says Dr. Howson. “This is a great opportunity for pastors and church leaders to learn from those who have struggled, endured and born fruit for the kingdom of God.”

Ministry Leadership Day 2021 will be livestreamed on March 4th from 9:00am to 12:00pm and registration is $30 for each attendee. Dr. Pawelke will be leading two sessions throughout the morning, each followed by a question-and-answer period.

To register for this year’s Ministry Leadership Day and to learn more, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/MLD.


Announcing Ministry Leadership Day 2021

Join us online for this year’s Ministry Leadership Day 2021 on Thursday, March 4 from 9:00am to 12:00pm  presented by Heritage Theological Seminary.

Heritage is excited to welcome President of Briercrest College and Seminary Dr. Michael B. Pawelke to be this year’s guest speaker for this year’s event.

Dr. Michael B. Pawelke strives to honour the Lord in everything he does, including his role as Briercrest College and Seminary’s sixth president. With a vision of “educating disciples, equipping the Church, and engaging our world” Pawelke aims to continually grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ himself. Prior to stepping into his role as president, Michael served in pastoral roles in Manitoba and Ontario, including 19 years as senior pastor of Compass Point Bible Church in Burlington.

To learn more about this year’s event, please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/MLD.

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The What and the Why of Christmas

From the students, staff, and faculty of Heritage College & Seminary, we want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Watch as Drs. Rick and Linda Reed share the good news of what happened at Christmas and why it happened. We pray that you would both enjoy and share this video with others as we celebrate the joy of our Saviour, Christ, and Lord this Christmas.

“She will bear a son, and you will give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

Bringing the Good News of Jesus This Christmas

Watch President Dr. Rick Reed’s Christmas update from Heritage College & Seminary and learn about how God continues to use Heritage to raise up a generation of gospel-hearted men and women with a passion to bring the good news of Jesus to neighbourhoods and to nations.

Also, our annual Christmas newsletter will be arriving in mailboxes soon. Inside, you will read stories from current students reflecting on the fall semester, a recent alumna on how Heritage has prepared her for her new role, and more.

This Christmas, Heritage is seeking to support the students who’ve come to Heritage to study God’s Word and prepare for ministry through providing scholarships. Help support Heritage students by donating to the Heritage Scholarship Fund.

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To read this year’s Christmas Newsletter, click here.

A Community Yearning to Know God More

Read this article and more in this year’s Christmas Newsletter arriving in mailboxes in December 2020. 

COVID-19 has had a lasting effect on the entire world, but it has not stopped God from working in the lives of His people, as well as in the world around us.  Being at Heritage this fall semester definitely looks different, but it is no less impactful than years before.

The community this year has adjusted quite well to protocols and restrictions, but still manage to connect with each other despite remaining socially distanced.  There is rarely a day where you won’t find people connecting in The Bean through mutual homework or playing music, enjoying a game of pool with a friend, or even playing a competitive match of ping pong.  At the heart of the Heritage community is a yearning to know God more each and every day and a desire to build relationships with others who love Him as well.

Personally, this semester has definitely been a different one.  As a student leader, I want to help foster a community of people loving God first and loving each other well. I do my best to help build the community to be the best experience it can be, while trying not to get distracted by everything I miss about last year.

One lesson that sticks out to me this year is finding my joy in God alone and not only in the experiences He brings.  God is continually working this year and it is a joy to simply be a part of what He is doing.

Godfrey Thorogood Joins Heritage as Director of Ministry Partners

Godfrey Thorogood is excited for the opportunity to be part of the work of Heritage College & Seminary as the newly hired Director of Ministry Partners.

From his time serving in a number of pastoral roles to his seven years as the Leadership Development Director with FEB Central, Thorogood says that he has seen firsthand how Heritage has positively impacted the church through its students and graduates over the years. Reflecting on the impact that it has made on his own life as a graduate of Central Baptist Seminary, he says that he and his wife felt led by the Holy Spirit to this new role of serving at Heritage.

“This opportunity allows me the sincere privilege of giving back to the school God used to invest so much into my life and helped prepare me as a young man for pastoral ministry,” says Thorogood.

One of the focuses of his new role will be reconnecting with the alumni of Heritage College & Seminary, including those who graduated from London Baptist Bible College and Seminary and Central Baptist Seminary. As an alumnus, he is looking forward to having the opportunity to encourage, care for, and pray with the graduates of Heritage while highlighting the opportunity they have to also be a part of impacting the church in Canada together with Heritage.

“I want our alumni to realize that we have the opportunity to bless and encourage the next generation of pastors, missionaries, church planters, and workers for the church that God is raising up and equipping to serve him in years ahead,” says Thorogood.

He will also be working at supporting existing partnerships with churches, organizations, and individuals who share the passion and mission of Heritage, along with building new relationships.

Thorogood believes that it is in and through strong relationships with ministry partners that Heritage will be able to continue to be a part of supporting the health and growth of the church in Canada as the school seeks to equip more men and women to serve the Lord through the local church.

“In my experience, when godly leaders in the church and godly leaders for the church are raised up and equipped, churches become healthier and begin to have an expanded influence for the gospel,” he says.

This new role will also see him helping college and seminary students find internship opportunities in local churches and other ministries where they will receive guided ministry experience in conjunction with their theological education. He will provide mentoring to interns to complement the mentoring they receive from pastors and other ministry leaders.

As he looks ahead to the start of this new role in January 2021, he says that he is praying that God would continue to use Heritage to equip the next generation of ministry leaders for the church who are passionate and sold out for God, the Gospel, and His church.

Join the Mission of Heritage College & Seminary this Giving Tuesday

On December 1st, we are asking you to consider joining us as we continue on in our mission to train and equip men and women for life and ministry.

For Giving Tuesday, Heritage is raising funds that will go towards financially supporting college and seminary students through scholarships – including the support of a growing number of international students and new Canadians. Our scholarships continue to provide valuable help to many students as they begin their theological studies at Heritage.

At Heritage, we continue to be devoted to training pastors, missionaries, church leaders to serve Christ, his church, and his mission. Please consider giving financially to help more students have the opportunity to be equipped and make an eternal difference, here in Canada and the nations.

Join the mission of Heritage College & Seminary this Giving Tuesday – visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/Donate to give on December 1st.

Registration Is Now Open for Winter 2021

Heritage College & Seminary has recently opened registration for the upcoming winter semester. Current college and seminary students will now be able to visit myHeritage and register for their classes next semester.

The deadline for registering for Winter 2021 courses is November 22, 2020.

Heritage will also continue to provide the same course delivery plans for the upcoming winter semester.

For students of the college, most classes will continue to operate in-person, on-campus in a safe, physically distanced classroom setting. Students will also have the option to choose the option of taking on-campus college classes through a live-streaming format.

Again, some of the college courses offered this semester will only be offered online with no in-person instruction. Please refer to the Winter 2021 College Schedule to see which classes will be delivered completely online. Courses that are offered as dual for both college and seminary courses will continue to be offered in this online format.

All Heritage Theological Seminary classes will continue to only be available in an online delivery format.

For more information on Winter 2021 Registration and to see the College and Seminary Schedules for the upcoming semester – please visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/FallWinterUpdates.