Campus Operations During the Provincial Shutdown

Posted January 7, 2021

As we approach the beginning of the winter semester on Monday, January 11, Heritage College & Seminary wanted to provide more details surrounding campus operations, student services and how the school will operate while under the ongoing provincial shutdown.

Heritage continues to prioritize the safety and health of our community of as we continue to equip men and women for life and ministry. As a result, we have established new guidelines for the campus that will be in place for the remainder of the shutdown – scheduled to end on Saturday, January 23.

All winter semester classes will begin through online delivery

In keeping with the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, all college classes for the winter semester will start online until the scheduled end of the 28-day lockdown period. For more information, please see our update from December 21, 2020.

The Heritage Community Centre

The Heritage Community Centre will be open for regular hours starting January 10, 2021. During the time of the Shutdown, furniture has been rearranged and room capacities have been adjusted in order to provide a safe space for students to use as they begin their studies this semester.

Students are asked that all furniture within the Heritage Community Centre remain in the places they have been placed and are not to be moved.  

  • Student Centre: New Capacity – 10 People

    • This area will now include the main sitting area of the Student Centre and the seating located in the hallway leading to the Chapel.
    • The Pool Table will be available to use but will be limited to games between two people.
    • The Ping Pong Table has now been relocated to the Gym and will also be limited to games between two people.
  • Desks Overlooking the Gym – New Capacity – 6 People

    • Six, physically distanced spaces have been designated for studying purposes.
  • The Bean: New Capacity – 10 People

    • The Bean will remain open during the provincial shutdown.
    • The booths located in the Bean will be limited to two people, one person on each bench.
  • Chapel: New Capacity – 10 People

    • The space can be used for personal study and practice space for Music & Worship Studies students.
    • The Prayer Room will also remain open with a room capacity of 2 people.
  • Cafeteria & Gym

    • Seating options will be available for students in both the Cafeteria and the Gym.
    • When the Gym is being used for dining, the capacity of the space will be 30 people.
    • The Gym will have a maximum capacity of 10 people when not being used during meals. There will be no team sports in the Gym during the time of the Shutdown.
  • Fitness Centre

    • The Fitness Centre will continue to be closed during the shutdown.
  • Recording Studio – New Capacity – 6 People

    • There will be a limit of only two people inside each room in the Studio.
    • If you are singing, the vocalist must be the only one in the room and can only use one of the tracking rooms.

Academic Building

  • Bookstore

    • The Heritage Bookstore will be open for limited hours during the month of January and students are encouraged to order their textbooks through the online bookstore and select the “Pick-up at Bookstore” option.
  • Library

    • The Heritage Library will be open to enrolled students, staff, and faculty from Monday to Thursday from 11:30am to 4:30pm and 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Friday from 11:30am to 4:30pm, and Saturday from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Off-Campus Students

  • Off-Campus College students are welcome to continue to use the Student Centre and Library over the course of the shutdown while abiding by all of the campus protocols and new room capacities.
  • Seminary students will still be allowed access to the Heritage Library with their provided Heritage access card. Students are encouraged to contact our Administrative Office to receive an access card at

 All protocols will continue to be in effect

  • As the winter semester begins, all campus protocols will remain active, including:
    • You must wear an appropriately fitting mask inside of all campus buildings, with the exception of your residence room.
    • You must swipe in and out of all campus buildings using the swipe card issued by the main office. When you use the swipe card, you are confirming that you are feeling well and are not displaying any of the common symptoms of COVID-19. Please use the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment found at
    • You must sanitize your hands when you enter and leave all campus buildings and keep a physical distance of 6 feet or 2 metres.
    • Learn more about the Province-wide Shutdown at

We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to Heritage for the winter semester. We are praying that as we begin this semester online that God will continue to teach and equip our college and seminary students through all they learn this semester.

Heritage Revises the Starting Date of the Winter Term

Posted December 3, 2020

Heritage College & Seminary has officially made the decision to change the starting date of our winter term to January 11th, 2021. With the move, please note the following important academic dates for the upcoming Winter 2021 Semester:

  • First Day of College & Seminary Classes: Monday, January 11th
  • Reading Week: February 15th -19th
  • Final Date for Withdrawal from Winter Term Courses: February 26th
  • Last Day of College Classes: April 15th
  • Last Day of Seminary Classes and Exams: April 22nd
  • College Examination Period: April 19th – 23rd
  • Graduation: Saturday, May 1st

Residence staff will be in contact with all students living on campus to schedule a time to move in for the winter semester.

The dates Missions Conference 2021 will remain on February 2nd and 3rd.

Heritage Announces Changes to the Beginning of the Winter Semester

With the announcement of a province-wide shutdown in Ontario, Heritage College & Seminary has had to adjust how its moving forward with the beginning of the winter semester.

Posted December 21, 2020

On December 21, the Government of Ontario announced the beginning of a province-wide shutdown that will begin on Saturday, December 26. With Heritage College & Seminary residing in the area represented by the Region of Waterloo Public Health, the shutdown will be in effect for 28 days and will end on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

With the announcement of this lockdown, Heritage has had to make adjustments to how we will begin our upcoming winter semester starting on Monday, January 11, 2021.

All winter semester classes will begin through online delivery.

  • In keeping with the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, all college classes for the winter semester will start online.
  • College students will be sent information on how to access their courses online in the new year.
  • All classes will be delivered online until the end of the 28-day lockdown period, meaning in-class instruction would resume Monday, January 25, 2021.
  • Limited exceptions may be made based on the Ministry’s guidance for the following practical Music & Worship Studies classes:
    • Worship Leadership
    • Music Fundamentals II
    • Applied Lessons

Heritage will be consulting with the Ministry and will pass on further details to students enrolled in the courses listed above.

Residence at Heritage will remain open.

  • Current residence students will be welcome to move back to residence beginning on Saturday, January 9, 2021.
  • Students will be able to attend all classes online to begin the semester.
  • All existing residence protocols will remain in place including:
    • Masks will be required in the hallways, laundry room, and lounges located in the residence buildings.
    • Masks are not required while inside your own apartment.
    • Bedrooms will only be for the use of the student assigned to the room.
    • Impact Groups will continue with the opportunity to meet in common rooms while wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.

Campus Services

  • The Library and Cafeteria will remain open to serve our student body.
  • Fitness Centre and Gymnasium will remain closed.

We look forward to welcoming our residence students back to campus on January 9, and we pray and hope that you will have an enjoyable, safe Christmas season.

Heritage community member tested positive for COVID-19

The case has been deemed low risk to the College & Seminary community and the staff member has recovered and confirmed the end of their isolation period.

Posted January 5, 2021

Heritage College & Seminary has been informed that one of our staff members tested positive for COVID-19 over the Christmas break.

After following the guidelines given from the Region of Waterloo Public Health, the staff member has now recovered and confirmed with Public Health the end of their quarantine period on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

To read more, please visit

Moving Forward as the Region of Waterloo Becomes a Provincial Red – Control COVID-19 Zone

Posted November 23, 2020

Effective at midnight on Monday, November 23, 2020, the Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services has officially been moved to level Red – Control within the province’s COVID-19 response framework.

As Heritage College & Seminary and everyone within the region enters the first day at this level, it is important that we all as students, staff, and faculty understand what means for all of us – both in regard to on-campus operations as well as the Heritage community.

On the day our region enters this new level, please note the following:

All Team Sports are Cancelled Effective November 23

  • Under Ontario’s public health measures for regions designated Red – Control, team spots must not be practiced or played. As a result, all team sports have been cancelled and will not be allowed in the Gym.
  • The Gym will remain open for use with a maximum of 10 people and can only be used for individual physical activity. (ex. Shooting a basketball)
  • The Fitness Centre will continue to remain open under the revised guidelines and registration procedures.

Limiting Off-Campus Trips for Essential Purposes

  • Following the recommendations from Waterloo Region’s Medical Officer of Health, all students are asked to carefully consider and limit all trips off-campus.
  • It is important that each student only make trips for essential purposes which include groceries, pharmacy, school or work, and medical appointments.
  • Under the Red-Control level, churches will resume to be open and students will still be allowed to attend church while maintaining physical distancing, wearing masks, and following public health measures.

Cafeteria and Classes Will Continue Operating

  • The Cafeteria will continue to operate in the same manner and will not be impacted by the new public health guidelines.
  • All college classes will also continue on in the existing format under these new guidelines.


Registration Details and Course Delivery for Winter 2021

Registration Details and Course Delivery for Winter 2021

Online registration is now open for both college and seminary winter semester courses with a deadline of November 22nd.

Posted October 29, 2020

Heritage College & Seminary has recently opened registration for the upcoming winter semester. Current college and seminary students will now be able to visit myHeritage and register for their classes next semester.

The deadline for registering for Winter 2021 courses is November 22, 2020.

Heritage will also continue to provide the same course delivery plans for the upcoming winter semester.

For students of the college, most classes will continue to operate in-person, on-campus in a safe, physically distanced classroom setting. Students will also have the option to choose the option of taking on-campus college classes through a live-streaming format.

Again, some of the college courses offered this semester will only be offered online with no in-person instruction. Please refer to the Winter 2021 College Schedule to see which classes will be delivered completely online. Courses that are offered as dual for both college and seminary courses will continue to be offered in this online format.

All Heritage Theological Seminary classes will continue to only be available in an online delivery format.

Read more about class delivery for the winter semester, please read: Winter 2021 – Course Delivery Update

For more information on Winter 2021 Registration and Course Schedules, please click below:

College Schedule – Winter 2021

Seminary Schedule – Winter 2021

Course Change and Late Registration Form

How to Register Online – Video


Recommendations for Thanksgiving & Reading Week

Recommendations for Thanksgiving & Reading Week

Heritage College & Seminary encourages its community to stay small, cautious, and together while extending the protocols through the remainder of the fall semester.

Posted September 30, 2020

As the leaves change colour and we approach the month of October, all members of the Heritage community are beginning to look ahead with anticipation to Thanksgiving Weekend and Reading Week. These two events during the fall semester offer needed times of focused study, rest, prayer, and time with family.

In light of the growing situation surrounding COVID-19 in Ontario and Canada, it is also a time that we as a Heritage community need to continue to be diligent in our efforts to be safe and show love to our neighbours by following protocols and recommendations from public health officials.

Before we leave campus for Thanksgiving, it is essential that students, staff, and faculty continue to make a community-wide effort to care for one another, our families, and our greater community in the way that we live and act during this pandemic.

Recommendations for Thanksgiving and Reading Week

As you prepare to make your way home for both Thanksgiving and Reading Week, we would like to encourage all in the Heritage community to stay small, cautious, and together.

Stay Small – When going home for Thanksgiving and Reading Week, please remember to keep your social circle small in number. By keeping our close contacts within one small, social circle – both at home and at Heritage – we can best protect friends, family, and our Heritage community.

Stay Cautious – As you return home, we are asking all in the Heritage community to be careful and evaluate all trips that you take while you are in your hometown. While out in your community, please remember to follow all public health protocols, wear your mask, and maintain physical distancing while limiting your social gatherings outside of your circle.

Stay Together – We all, as a Heritage community, want to continue to be diligent in our efforts together to protect both one another and show love to our neighbour. This is why it is essential that we continue to live in a way that practically seeks the safety and good of others.

Fall 2020 Protocols will continue to be in effect after Thanksgiving Weekend

As the region, province, and nation continues to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the President’s Cabinet at Heritage College & Seminary has recently approved that the protocols established for the fall semester will continue to be in effect after the Thanksgiving break.

It is essential that the community at Heritage continue to strive to follow recommendations from public health and adhere to the protocols established for this semester in order to preserve our opportunity to study together – on and off campus.

Looking Ahead to Fall 2020

Looking Ahead to Fall 2020

Click here to download the PDF of Heritage’s plan for the fall semester – Looking Ahead to Fall 2020

Heritage College & Seminary is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all its students, faculty, and staff. For this reason, we are establishing guidelines and reconfiguring the campus in anticipation of the fall semester.

Our goal is to create the best possible learning experience for all students, whether they are on campus or off campus. We want all members of the Heritage community to feel safe and secure as they begin, or continue, their studies this September. As always, our mission is to equip men and women for life and ministry, from coast to coast to coast, and around the world.

Heritage continues to monitor the changing restrictions and guidelines related to COVID-19, while awaiting further direction from public health and government officials on the reopening of private post-secondary schools. The following plans for the upcoming fall semester will be re-evaluated, as we receive additional information.

Health and Safety on Campus

Heritage will continue to follow the guidelines that have been provided by public health including:

  • Physical distancing requirements will be established throughout the campus.
  • Personal Protective Equipment will be required in all publicly accessible areas.
  • Proper hand hygiene will be encouraged through signage, and hand sanitization stations will be available throughout the campus.
  • Cleaning and sanitization activities will be increased throughout the campus.

Personal Protective Equipment on Campus

All students, staff, and faculty, who will be on campus, are encouraged to wear their own masks. Heritage will also have disposable masks available for use. Those who use their own masks are encouraged to ensure they’re properly and frequently cleaned and maintained. All those attending the campus will be required to wear masks in public places, including classrooms, hallways, stairways, library, and The H Community Centre.

Masks will not be required for those who are meeting outside, following proper physical distancing guidelines for social gatherings. Masks will not be required in residence apartments or in the offices of staff and faculty.

Changes to the Campus

Directional arrows will be installed throughout the campus to aid in physical distancing. Signs will also be posted to remind people of mask requirements and revised room capacities.

High traffic areas will be equipped for physical distancing through the installation of plexiglass barriers at the front of classrooms, in the library, and at the food service counter in the cafeteria.

In order to encourage proper hand hygiene, there will be multiple hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the campus buildings. Cleaning and sanitation efforts will be increased in order to provide a safe learning environment.

Learning at Heritage College & Seminary This Fall

As we look forward to the fall semester, we are committed to offering students an exceptional academic experience while ensuring the health and welfare of the entire Heritage community.

We appreciate your patience, as we continue to navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19. We have been closely monitoring the situation, and we are anticipating further guidelines from the office of public health and the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Course Delivery for College Students this Fall

As it stands at the moment, we plan to deliver as many of our college courses by means of face-to-face instruction on-campus as is permitted. This will mean utilizing our larger classrooms, so as to maintain social distancing. We will implement the necessary protocols, as proposed by the office of public health, to ensure a healthy on-campus learning environment.

Remaining courses will be offered through an online delivery format. Lectures will be delivered through livestream or pre-recorded videos. Students will participate in weekly online discussion groups in order to create an interactive learning experience.

All enrolled college students, living on campus or off campus, will be welcome to attend all offered face-to-face classes at Heritage during the fall semester while following PPE and physical distancing requirements.

A new fall academic calendar will be released to students on Friday, August 7. All scheduled courses will be offered this fall through the college; however, delivery formats, time slots and rooms will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Note: Classes that fall under Section 2 in myHeritage are not approved for OSAP funding.

Heritage Theological Seminary Moves Online for the Fall Semester

As for the seminary, we plan to deliver all of our courses online. Students will access weekly pre-recorded or livestream lectures and attend regular online discussion groups. Professors are preparing to deliver these courses in a manner that maintains high academic standards, facilitates an outstanding learning experience, and contributes to students’ life and ministry goals.

Note: Classes that fall under Section 2 in myHeritage are not approved for OSAP funding.

The Library, Student Learning Centre, and Bookstore Will Be Open

The library will be open this fall for several hours each afternoon (Monday to Friday). As with the entire campus, the necessary protocols will be in place to ensure everyone’s well-being. We are currently developing our online library resources, so as to ensure that students have access to all they need to excel.

The Student Learning Centre will also continue to operate in some capacity this fall, in order to provide students with the support they need to develop their research and writing skills.

The Heritage Bookstore will also publish the fall semester’s textbook list in early August. Textbooks for the fall will be made available through Heritage’s online bookstore.

Please stay updated on future announcements surrounding on-campus learning on Heritage College & Seminary’s Fall 2020 website.

Living on Campus – A New Residence Model for Fall 2020

For the fall semester, Heritage residence rooms will be coordinated on a new model that will see each bedroom in an apartment become a single occupancy. As we continue to evaluate the guidelines from public health and government officials, double-occupancy rooms may be considered when it is considered safe for Heritage students.

This plan will allow Heritage to continue offering college students with a positive and safe student experience while continuing or beginning their studies on campus.

Students who will live on campus will be required to follow new guidelines surrounding living on residence which will include:

  • Open Dorm times will not be made available for the fall semester. All students will be required to stay in their designated residence apartments and buildings throughout the semester.
  • New cleaning guidelines are currently being established to help students maintain a clean and safe living environment for all on campus at Heritage.
  • Students will be encouraged to stay on campus as much as possible during the fall semester in order to ensure the safety of the entire Heritage community. Limited essential trips will be allowed for students living on campus with the agreement that students follow public health guidelines during these outings.
  • One full residence apartment will be left empty for the fall in the event that there is a need to quarantine students during the semester.

Plans for Residence Student Should Someone Test Positive for COVID-19

If a student living on campus tests positive with COVID-19 this fall, they will be quarantined in a separate apartment in one of the residence buildings. Students will also be required to have a plan to relocate off campus if they become sick with COVID-19.

Other students living in residence will continue to have their health monitored regularly throughout the semester.

Confirmation Process for Residence in Fall 2020

With the new residence model for the fall semester, students who have already been accepted into residence will have to reconfirm their interest in living on campus within this revised plan.

Students that have applied to residence will receive an email and survey from Student Services that will require a response by Wednesday, July 15.

If you have any questions about the new plan for residence, please be in contact with DJ Mudde, Dean of Student Services, at

The Student Experience at Heritage – Student Life This Fall  

Heritage College & Seminary has become known for offering students a foundational, life-changing student experience – providing a positive environment focused on the personal and spiritual growth of each and every student.

This fall, Heritage is working hard to continue to serve students and provide the best student experience possible. 

Impact Groups

During the fall semester, Impact Groups at Heritage will play a larger role in the student life experience for those studying both on and off campus.

All college students will be encouraged to join an Impact Group in order to build a healthy community surrounding God and His Word. First year students will be added into Impact Groups starting in September, while returning students will be welcome to join groups at the beginning of the semester in order to participate in discipleship and community life at Heritage.

Details surrounding the format and structure of Impact Groups this fall are currently being planned and coordinated. For questions on Impact Groups at Heritage this fall, please contact DJ Mudde, Dean of Student Services,


For the fall semester, there will be only one Heritage Chapel service each week that can be attended in person by students, staff, and faculty. Each Chapel will also be available by livestream.

In keeping with the current guidelines, the Chapel will be rearranged in order to establish proper physical distancing and gathering requirements.

Counselling at Heritage

Plans are being made to continue offering counselling services to our student body through either virtual meetings or face-to-face meetings with students following physical distancing and PPE requirements. 

Student Council Activities

Student Council has already been looking ahead to the fall semester, planning and talking about a number of different events and activities starting this September. This group of students are committed to helping provide Heritage students with a safe and excellent student experience this fall and are looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

The H Community Centre and The Bean

To create a positive space for students throughout the fall semester, plans are being made to keep The H Community Centre and The Bean Café open as much as possible. The space will require physical distancing is followed, along with proper hand hygiene and capacity. 

Athletics and Intramurals

Different sports and activities are currently being reviewed for the upcoming fall semester in order to see what can be coordinated while following the appropriate guidelines from public health officials.


Plans are currently being made to once again reopen the cafeteria at Heritage for the fall semester in a way that adheres to the guidelines from public health within the existing operating hours.

Providing a Safe Workplace  

Once Heritage College & Seminary is given the appropriate approval to reopen operations on campus, the school will be implementing a phased in approach in an effort to return to work safely.

Staff Returning to Work  

Leading up to September, more Heritage staff may voluntarily return to their offices to begin preparing to serve and support students. Employees who choose to continue to work remotely throughout the summer and into the fall will be given the option to do so with proper coordination with the appropriate supervisors.

All students, staff and faculty of Heritage College & Seminary will also be required to monitor their health regularly and to stay home if they are feeling ill or experiencing minor symptoms at any time.

Course Delivery and Revised Schedules for Fall 2020

Course Delivery and Revised Schedules for Fall 2020

August 12, 2020

Heritage College & Seminary has recently released its new and revised schedules for both College and Seminary classes this fall semester.  

For students enrolled in the College, the new schedule will provide more details surrounding on-campus and online class delivery this year, along with further details on how Heritage will be providing live streaming options for on-campus courses.

Seminary students will also find more information on how online course delivery will work for the upcoming semester.

New and returning students are encouraged to visit myHeritage and their email for the most up to date information about classes this fall.

Find the revised College and Seminary schedules below:

Revised College Schedule for Fall 2020

Revised Seminary Schedule for Fall 2020

Course Change and Late Registration Form

For more details surrounding class delivery, attendance policy, and registration information, please read below:

Fall 2020 – Course Delivery Update