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Summer Camp Tuition Discount Application

This discount is granted to undergraduate students that are working at an pre-approved Summer Christian Camp (min. 5 weeks full-time) the summer preceding their academic year of studies. Students can apply for this discount each year they work at Christian Camp. Previous summers are not applicable to receiving the discount. Please note: A manager’s reference will be required in this application. This application is open July – August so that they can verify and speak to your work performance.  All applications will be reviewed and assessed by the Scholarship Committee. Application Deadline: August 31

You will receive two emails shortly after submitting this form. One is to verify your email address and the other includes the link to continue with your application.  TIP: Keep the email handy as you can use the link to return to your application at any time.

Note: If your summer camp is not a partner camp with Heritage, you may contact to inquire about becoming an approved Summer Christian Camp.

*Notice of change: In order to qualify for the Summer Camp Tuition Discount for the 2024-2025 academic year and onwards, students must work a minimum of 8 weeks full-time at an approved Summer Christian Camp.