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Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies Fall Conference 2022

Political Theology in the History of the Church 

Shortly after what has been termed the Glorious Revolution (1688) in England, Gilbert Burnet, an Anglican bishop who supported that climactic event, penned a short work entitled A Letter to a Friend concerning the Behaviour of Christians under the Various Revolutions of State-Governments (1693). In this small tract, Burnet reviewed the history of how Christians had dealt with and responded to past political upheavals so as to find wisdom on how they should act in his day.

In like fashion, this three-day conference seeks to retrieve wisdom from the way churches and individual Christians have historically dealt with the sphere of politics so as to enable more faithful discipleship in this day. Join us for what promises to be a deeply informative three-day tour of the history of public theology.

Join us September 15-17, 2022 at Hope Bible Church in Oakville, ON for this special conference.

Find a full list of speakers and details on how to register for the conference—visit DiscoverHeritage.ca/AFCFall2022.