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Alumni Profile – Scott T. Lazaros

A Word from a Fellow Grad…

We served with Missionary Maintenance Services from 2007 to 2009. During that time, we were to go on a “Rapid Response” project somewhere in the world that needed a team to focus on an aviation project. We ended up going to Soldotna, Alaska, to help the Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC) get a twin engine Piper Navajo repaired; it had landed with the gear up about six years earlier. The original plan was to be there for three and a half weeks with the MMS team working on that project. While we were there, we were introduced to Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). It was during that visit that I felt a tug from God to serve in Alaska. We later went back to intern with MARC for three months to see if we could deal with the cold weather and the prolonged darkness in the winter. During that time, we also served with CEF of Alaska and helped train Native Inuit and Athabascans at a local Christian college to teach their own youth at “Native Musicale” in Anchorage last March.

When we left Alaska last April, we had two options to pray about: 1) full-time service with MARC as an aircraft mechanic, or 2) full-time service with CEF of Alaska as rural missions directors. After much prayer, our family felt led to serve with CEF of Alaska. We are now there and the beautiful thing is that our entire family serves together. We are involved in local Bible clubs as well as building up rural ministries. I will be able to use my pilot’s license in the future as I will serve with MARC on a part time basis, one week per month.

I am once read the book, The Making of a Leader, by Dr. J. Robert Clinton. I have been encouraged as I reflect back through the years and see just how God has brought people and circumstances into our lives. We are very thankful to be in this position and have the opportunity to grow! God is so good!

Scott T. Lazaros (Heritage, 2007)