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Alumni Profile – Reflections from Graduates

What is it really like to experience study and life at Heritage? We asked some graduating students to share their insight. Their experience ranges from working on a one year certificate while living in residence to a post graduate student commuting into the Cambridge campus.


Dennis Mudde came to Heritage from a home schooling background, and he has now completed a One Year Certificate from the College. Dennis is from Emmanuel Baptist Church, Barrie ON. He returned to Heritage and is currently in a degree program.


Ben Martin came to Heritage after graduating from High School. On April 26, 2008 he was granted a Bachelor of Theology degree in Intercultural Studies from the College. Ben is from Emmanuel Baptist Church, Exeter ON. Ben’s next steps include exploring mission field options while paying off his school debt.


Wendy McLellan received her Master of Theological Studies degree from Heritage Theological Seminary on April 26, 2008. Wendy is from North Park Community Church, London ON. Prior to coming to Heritage, Wendy was Certified in Management and Administration and held an Addictions Studies Certificate.

Q: Please tell us how Heritage has formed your thinking about serving God.

Dennis: Before coming to Heritage I was unsure as to where God was leading me in the future, and though I thought it could possibly be in ministry I was not entirely convinced this is where I was heading. Entering into a one-year program here at Heritage gave me time to think about where I felt God calling me, and has given me opportunity to see where it is God is working in my life. Although I was not given all the answers for what lies ahead while here, I do feel quite sure that I will be involved in full time ministry at some point in my life. Heritage has been a great environment for me as I have contemplated what God wants for me and my life, and the courses I have been able to take have deepened my walk with God in the meantime.

Ben: The more I learn about the Bible, and the more incredible stories I hear from experienced servants of God, the more I realize that faith and humility is key. God is so faithful and masterful in working through your efforts when you submit them to him in faith and humility.

Wendy: Something I have learned from most of my profs is the ability to state what I believe, even passionately, while at the same time allow those I disciple to explore, question, and challenge me. It creates a hunger in them for more, and forces me to be diligent in my own learning.

Q: What stands out for you as a memory maker of your Heritage experience?

Dennis: Likely the biggest memory I will have of this year has been the interaction I have had with other guys while living in residence and the fellowship that we have been able to enjoy. Once a week I had the privilege of meeting with five other guys for about an hour or two in the evening, and all we would do for that hour was share prayer requests and lift each other up in prayer. This was a point in the week we all looked forward to and really felt the encouragement and support of one another. I think at one point or another throughout the year all of us had some pretty big things we were going through, and these prayer times and the time spent focusing on God really helped.

Ben: Questions with some wise and godly staff and faculty. I got to ride shotgun with a few professors being on a traveling music team and their office doors are open. Seeking wise council is one of the most important things you can do in any walk of life.

Wendy: I appreciated the Seminary chapels and lunches. It was a great opportunity to connect and worship with fellow class mates and faculty, and the faculty never failed to mingle, encourage and share what was going on in their lives as well. It leveled the field.

Q: What would you say to those who have supported you while studying at Heritage?

Dennis: For the supporters of Heritage and those who have personally supported me, I would like to say a big “thank you”. I do not think that you will ever know how much your support means to us, and especially the prayer support you give us is very much coveted. Going through Bible College can be a very trying time at some points, and the prayer support and encouragement other people bring is often a great blessing to the students here. To see the way God is working and changing lives here is an amazing thing, and I would greatly encourage all those who have contributed to this school that they are making a difference.

Ben: A big reason I came to Bible College was because of the influence and encouragement of my pastors back home. So build into the people in your home church, and encourage them to examine how they can serve God with their lives. Most people can do it if you give them a push.

Wendy: I am forever grateful to those who have supported me in this endeavor. First and foremost is my husband, who covered all the bases at home while I juggled ministry and school. He deserves my degree as much as I do! To my family, friends, pastors, and co-workers in ministry, every one of you played a part in encouraging me and lending practical help that allowed me to fulfill my educational goals. And to those who financially support Heritage; a special thank you. I do not even know who you are, but I know this; without your help there would be no Heritage, and I would not have had this amazing academic experience. You have helped prepare me to minister to those God has asked me to shepherd. Perhaps only in heaven will you understand the number of people your gifts impacted.