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Alumni Profile – Lee Brubacher

Graduate from Heritage with a Bachelor of Church Music Degree in 1999.

In September 2001, Lee joined the staff at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton, Ontario. Initially his title was “Pastor of Music & Christian Education.” As things progressed, his role was changed to “Director of Worship Arts Ministries.” He is currently working toward a Master of Arts in Worship Studies through Liberty University. Lee is married to Cheryl and they have three delightful children – Sierra (age 8), Kyle (age 5), and Carter (age 2).


What are the key roles you currently fill as Worship Leaders?


My general role is to provide direction to the various ministries that are involved in our worship services. These include leadership of our music and choir ministries, oversight of our drama ministry, and interaction with our technology and service support ministries. Specifically, as the main worship leader, I plan the worship services including music, order of program, and other creative elements. My main goal is to help the people of West Highland (of various ages, nations, classes, and backgrounds) connect with God through the arts. Striking a healthy balance in worship is not easy. However, the challenge is well worth it when we see lives changed for God’s glory!



How do you build up/connect the members of the worship team “musically and spiritually?”


Musically. Over time, as people consistently participate together in music, skills are deepened and musical unity is formed. I have certainly seen this happen in my seven years at West Highland. As music conferences and seminars are brought to my attention, we offer them as training opportunities for our players and singers. Every couple of years, we plan our own training work-shops for our artists.

Spiritually. It has been my joy through the ministry of West Highland, in seeing many people won to Christ, baptized, brought into church membership, and involved in ministry service. This “spiritual journey” has been tremendous in our Worship Arts Ministries. Many people have used our adult choir ministry, for instance, as a way of getting to know the church and as a way of making friendship connections. We are intent in making the Word of God fully known in our people and community. A regular part of our artistic ministries is prayer and the study of God’s word. This September, we will be launching a new opportunity for spiritual growth in our Worship Arts Ministries. I will be leading an on-line blog book study using Blackaby’s “Worship “ Believer’s Experiencing God.” I’m praying that this on-line discussion board will allow many, who otherwise could not commit to another weeknight out, to deepen their relationship with Christ and their understanding of biblical worship.



How did your Heritage experience equip you for your present ministry?


I have extensively used my Bible, music, and Christian leadership training at Heritage in both of the churches God has led me to. I found the Heritage experience to be an amazing foundation to the practical ministry experience which would follow. The relationships I formed with fellow students, as well as with faculty, continue to give me encouragement and support in the work of the ministry.



As a student at Heritage, did you benefit from church, friends, and family prayer and financial support?


I know there were people who prayed for me during my undergrad years. Occasionally, they would remind me of their intercession on my behalf. As I look back, I am amazed at the investment that was made in my young life. There were some kind financial gifts which appeared once in a while. These were always a great blessing and encouragement. My biggest supporters were my parents who, although limited financially, gave sacrificially to see my education continue. For all those who, through teaching, finances, or encouragement, poured into my life during college, I would echo the words of Paul in saying “I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Phil 1:3) I know that God, who has begun a good work in me, will continue it.”