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Student Photo ID

Upload your myHeritage and Heritage Student Card photo

If you are a Heritage student and are having difficulties with the photo upload, you will have to go to student services and have your photograph taken during the first week of classes.

Your photo ID at Heritage is used to identify you as a student at our institution and will be used for your Student Card.

For many safety and security reasons, it is important to upload a valid and useful student ID photo.


Step 1 – Use your Smartphone, a camera, or your webcam to take a valid picture. A valid picture is one that is a  legitimate, close up photo of you on a simple, clear background. Please do not include other people or distractions.

Step 2 – Login in myHeritage on your computer, or go to the mobile app (see note below). Then click on “Profile” (in the red bar under Heritage College & Seminary) to see your profile on myHeritage. Now click on the person icon to the left of your name. Choose a photo from your computer and click “Save”.

ATTENTION: Staff and faculty reserve the right to delete any student photo that does not meet the requirements of a valid student ID photo.

LEGALITIES: Note that it is illegal to misrepresent yourself as someone else, or to intentionally mislead an organization of your identity.